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Scientists Cut Greenland Ice Loss Estimate By Half 414

bonch writes "A new study on Greenland's and West Antarctica's rate of ice loss halves the estimate of ice loss. Published in the journal Nature Geoscience, the study takes into account a rebounding of the Earth's crust called glacial isostatic adjustment, a continuing rise of the crust after being smashed under the weight of the Ice Age. 'We have concluded that the Greenland and West Antarctica ice caps are melting at approximately half the speed originally predicted,' said researcher Bert Vermeeersen."

Comment Re:SANS (Score 1) 428

If you are wanting to pursue Computer Security, SANS is one of the best. They offer a good variety of classes, and as Smoky said, it's very practical. Personally, I've only taken their 1 week courses, but I've heard good things about their online courses. Plus, the brick and mortar classes are very fast paced, but with online you have more time to absorb the content.

The downsides? Expensive. I believe it's grad level stuff, so that's expected.

They also have certifications associated with the classes (it's a separate but affiliated with SANS). It's an additional cost, and you really have to study over your course material after the class in order to do well. www.giac.org for the certs.

IBM Distributes USB Malware At Security Conference 73

bennyboy64 and other readers let us know that IBM sent out an email to all attendees to the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 conference, warning them that some of the USB drives handed out to delegates contained malware. Fortunately it was old malware, which all anti-virus products have detected since 2008. Two years ago telecommunications company Telstra distributed malware-infected USB drives at the same conference.

Submission + - Ad and Demo For Zeus Trojan on YouTube (pcmag.com)

thecarchik writes: Earlier today F-Secure pointed out on a Twitter account that a YouTube video was running an ad for and demo of the Zeus Trojan. As is typical in such cases, the demo operator communicates via notes written into Notepad. It's clear in the video that the Windows XP system on which the Trojan operates has no malware protection and not even a firewall operating.

Comment Flawed argument (Score 1) 348

But Microsoft's own data doesn't always support William's contention that piracy, and the hesitancy to use Windows Update, leads to more infected PCs. China, for example, boasted a malware infection rate -- as defined by the number of computers cleaned for each 1,000 executions of the MSRT -- of just 6.7 per thousand, significantly below the global average of 8.7 or the US's rate of 8.2. France's infection rate of 7.9 in the first half of 2009 was also below the worldwide average.

Wait a minute. We are using the MSRT stats to debunk the idea that piracy and not running Windows Updates results in more malware. MRST is usually run as a part of Windows Update...so the people not running WU don't run the tool and aren't even a part of the stats. Whether Microsoft is right or wrong, this argument is flawed.


Submission + - Major bug in snow leopard deletes all user data (neowin.net)

inglishmayjer writes: From the article:
"Reports have been cropping up on the Apple Support forums that users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, Apple's latest Operating System. Many users are reporting that all settings are being reset and most data is gone, according to iTWire."

The issue is caused by logging into a guest account, the user finds "that their account has been fully reset with all data wiped and lost — the account is like a brand new one."


Comment Re:No accident (Score 1) 424

Dear Mr. AC,

I thought it prudent to let you know you are posting on Slashdot. In case you aren't familiar with Slashdot, here are some basics...

People here don't generally like Microsoft.
People here do generally like open source.
Your jedi mind tricks have no effect here.

If you need more information, I'm sure you can find it with a quick few internet searches.


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