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Comment Re:Money stores value (Score 1) 131

The American Revolution is proof that you are wrong, as they won the war using only paper money.

Might want to brush up on your history a bit. They won despite the paper money, which was a major hindrance. Google for the phrase "not worth a continental". When the constitution was written, the memory of America's first hyperinflation was very fresh in their minds, which is why the gold and silver clause in the constitution forbids fiat currency.


Comment So fucking what? (Score 5, Insightful) 477

As I said on the previous post about this situation, who cares? His code still works, and there are no allegations that he's trying to fuck the other contributors or for that matter, practicing his kinks with anyone who's not consenting to how he gets his rocks off.

However repugnant "goreanism" might be, I'm rather more repulsed by someone like you demanding that hackers pass some kind of political purity test. Go fuck yourself.


Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 3, Insightful) 903

If they did not take into account state taxes, they also skipped city, township and county taxes. Sales tax can come from state, city and county, I think.

Gas taxis 18.4/gallon at the federal level, so it should be already in there, right? I am not sure. Anyway, state and city can add their own gas taxes.

Does the UK's VAT replace the income tax there or do both exist?

A more thorough report would be nice regardless of whether the U.S. is higher or lower on the chart.

A report for value obtained by those taxes would also be nice. However, that can be highly subjective.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

Exactly my thoughts. Ignoring a lot of different tax avenues that governments utilize is one deficiency in the report. The other is the value provided. Ignoring whether the country should or should not provide services (i.e., healthcare), what the country does provide as part of taxation(s) should also be accounted. Well, I guess that could go into a separate report.

Also, what about evaluating the individual states of the United States? The European Union countries were rated individually while the United States was rated as a whole. I am ignorant on how tight the EU is, so evaluating them individually may be appropriate.

Comment Re:Popcorn time (Score 1) 289

current battery systems suck for the edge cases.

I'm convinced that battery cars will prove to be the transitional stage between gasoline and hydrogen. Toyota and Honda are the biggest makers of hybrids, and they're both betting on hydrogen, big time.

Toyota's HFC car takes three minutes to refuel for a 300 mile range. That beats any existing battery charging technology all to hell.


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