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Comment Re:Patents aren't helping (Score 0) 437

What if there was innovation? if someone made products that didnt wear out, and didnt really need improvements, people wouldnt have to continuously upgrade. capitalism cant survive without a very steep cycle of upgrading and waste. in other words, to improve capitalism and help the environment, everything should be made of glass.

Comment 2560 x 1440 minimum (Score 0) 1140

less vertical pixels is fine as long as you get more pixels in general. the screen on the iphone 4 is the first screen i've seen with an acceptable resolution. it may seem expensive to get higher res and larger monitors, but if your're going to look at something for 8 hours a day, and usually those are all in a row, the premium price for a nice monitor is worth rebudgeting for.

Comment Re:Do no evil? (Score 1) 336

Apple has taken action against people jailbraking the phone, and doing so is clearly against the rules. that solidifies their legal hold on their product. if google does not sue someone who is distributing their software, that could be used against them if someone ever does distribute the software illegally.

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