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Submission + - EA Sanctions Gambling in Battlefield Heroes? 1

rotide writes: The EA title, "Battlefield Heroes", may be attempting to attract new buyers to their games store. Today they have released "Supply Crates" of which cost 105 Battlefunds (EA credits which are purchased with real money) and may contain a prize worth much more than the purchase cost.

"So feeling lucky? Want to have the chance of obtaining an item of greater value within these drops and possibly end the war once and for all?" (Source:

Some purchasers are reporting on the official game forums that they are finding 1 day XP boosts while others are finding permanent "uber weapons". Is this a new marketing strategy to get players to hop into their microtransaction based game? Is this EA sanctioned gambling for real money?

Submission + - EA restructures BF:Heroes pricing; fans enraged (

rotide writes: EA has attempted to join the "Free to Play" online game scene with the fun and ambitious Battlefield: Heroes online shoter. Unfortunately they appear to have fallen short of their own goals as they now feel it necessary to force their customers to purchase in game weapons to stay competitive on the battlefield. Not selling items to give you a distinct advantage was once their Cardinal Rule, but it appears even those rules are expendable when there is profit to be had.

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