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Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 1) 1105

On the whole we are a greedy kind of breed

Every *breed* is a greedy sort. If humans stopped existing right this second, the very next sentient species to take our place would be at least as greedy as us, by virtue of the fact that they did so. Success = greed, one way or another, regardless of origin or what quantity of self-hate you can smother on it.

Comment Re:what a cop-out (Score 1) 593

It is so much easier to just say "both sides suck equally" than it is to actually think and take some personal responsibility for your choices.

Oh yeah, because "taking personal responsibility" equals making a "choice between two unavoidable presented options". I'll choose $1.02/hour over $1.01/hour for the same shit job, but I'm still going to heavily complain to everyone I know that I'm getting shafted. Two bad choices = bad, no matter how you wordsmith it.

Comment You Don't Say? (Score 2, Insightful) 227

Young journalists once dreamed of trotting the globe in pursuit of a story, but the NY Times now reports that instead many are working online shackled to their computers

Young enthusiastic entry level workers daydream about doing fabulous and exciting things at their employers' expense, but find out that they're actually supposed to just produce for said employer in whatever way is necessary in return for a paycheck? This is amazing news.

Comment Re:1984 (Score 1) 1238

Americans aren't obligated to measure their political spectrum by some imagined global yardstick. Whatever the good people of some other nation and culture choose to envision as the "left" of their political spectrum is entirely up to them.

Comment Re:Um..no (Score 1) 865

Population doesn't need to stabilize or decrease, it only needs to stay within the realm of our technology's ability to cope with its rate of growth. That's a good enough solution for me. I don't have any concern over a population that can actually be fed...but then again most people that talk about a population "problem" really just hate the humans, not the fact of whether they can be fed or not.

Comment Re:Um..no (Score 1) 865

It's predicted that the human population will reach 9 billion by 2040. That rate of growth simply cannot be sustained indefinitely, and by ignoring the problem we are condemning our descendants to a life of food and water shortages

Unless you live in Africa or India, it's not *our* descendants being condemned. The West has already solved its population growth problem.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 849

To be honest, the subversive groups that SC is most interested in tracking are grassroots domestic organizations calling for revolution and secession. These types of militia inspired cultural waves are springing up around many rural communities. Netting some Islamic terrorists would simply be a great political bonus.

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