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Comment Re:No it isn't (Score 1) 167

any innovation packed its bags and walked a decade ago.

That's why F1 never really interested me: I don't want to watch a race where all the cars are the same. I would like to see a "no holds barred" race, where you could enter anything from a teenager on a skateboard with a jet pack, to the Mammoth Car.

And would be so ridiculously dangerous, you would have a death every other race. Drivers couldn't cope with the G-forces the cars could produce and crashes would be nearly always fatal.

Don't believe me? Look at F1 in the before the mid-90's. Even with a fairly restrictive ruleset, those cars were too fast with too little safety.

Anyone who thinks "any innovation packed its bags" referring to F1 obviously has not followed a season of racing. F1 greatly rewards the engineers who come up with innovative designs within the ruleset. Just look at Mercedes' split turbocharger design (which is now being adapted to road cars because it works so well).

Comment Re:is this good? (Score 3, Informative) 159

Except when an entire password database is stolen by hackers. Then, dictionary attacks are used first. That is the exact time you want a good password: Make the dictionary attack fail and brute-force the only option.

Remember, most hack attempts don't get reported until the account information starts being used or sold.

Comment Re:Boorish (Score 1) 662

Actually, there are quite a few american cars that he has out and out loved on the show - he refused to get out of the Ford GT when he ran it dry (supposedly) on the track, and then bought one. He drove the Lexus LFA across Nevada and loved it. He drove the Shelby Mustang GT5000 across Europe and loved it. He drove the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor across British Columbia and loved it.

Those are just a few examples from the most recent few series.

Clarkson is positive about cars he finds he likes, and he is negative about cars he finds he dislikes. Plenty of both of those in the world - see how much he hates Peugeot if you think its a "hate on America" thing...

The Lexus LFA is as Japanese as a car can come now-a-days. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L...

Comment Re:Everything is derivative. (Score 2) 386

Property is property. Property does not vanish when someone dies. It is transferred to a new owner.

No. There is a certain point when all works (music, movies, inventions, etc) should become public domain.

Why? Because if what you're saying is true, we'd all be paying Leonardo da Vinci's kin licensing fees to using ball bearings, or Jack Kilby/Robert Noyce's kin for every piece of modern electronics or some random cave man's family for the use of fire.

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