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Comment What is 10%? (Score 1) 251

Or you could say that with their first revisions of Surface, Microsoft has already managed to pull 10% of Apple sales. That's not bad for a new product working against an established and rather enthusiastically supported competitor.

Comment Re:This little guy (Score 1) 628

It seems to me that stability is achieved by having China take over North Korea. And I suspect that if the Chinese did that, they would be very "thorough". Batshit crazy would be replaced by predictable contrariness. The Chinese won't do anything that's bad for business.

Comment Re:Richard Stallman is a shitheel (Score 0) 815

And that is because they are fucking idiots, like you. Miguel had no involvement in Gnome 3.

Mono is the best managed code environment outside of the JVM, and arguably better in many respects. Are you saying that Linux should not support any form of VM? Maybe you'll write us an alternative. Yeah, right.

I've had a few professional interactions with him, and he's exceptional and gracious, even with peanut gallery zero-value dipshits like you around.

Fucking two year old retards like you drive me nuts. Fortunately, you and your pathetic career will be utterly forgettable.

Keep on doing nothing, nothing.

Comment Re:It should be more than obvious (Score 1) 206

There's no requirement that an ISP _accept_ and rebroadcast your anonymous traffic. Nobody has to listen to anonymous speech. Net neutrality says that the ISP should treat packets the same. It doesn't say anything about the protocols.

If you want to engage in anonymous protocol transmissions that are associated with things like spamming, you're going to need to find an ISP willing to accept that kind of thing on an anonymous basis. Otherwise, sign your work.

Accommodating anonymous usage often means blocking non-anonymous usage, somewhere along the stream, to deal with the sheer mass of anonymous crap that's out there.

Comment Re:WTF. (Score 1) 616

Yeah, that whole "release a viable, open source alternative to the JVM" was just nuts, wasn't it? You realize it's not 2004 any more, right? And that anti-Microsoft rants are hilariously out of date?

It's good for the open-source community to have more than one VM.

I somehow doubt you've ever interacted with De Icaza. If you had, you'd know he's a consummate professional with a view of how things should get done. And get them done, he does.

Comment Astroturfing on iTunes (Score 4, Informative) 129

Happens there too. The one the cheeses me off the most: Tangier Dream (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tangier-dream/id342411025). Stellar ratings and reviews, dotted with occasional "it's crap". Nothing unusual there. But check out the OTHER reviews by those reviewer -- non-existent, or telling the reader to check out "Buddy Mix" or some other piece of crap. The way the scam works is to pick something popular and write a fake review on it, adding a sentence noting that the reviewer's _other_ favorite right now is Tangier Dream, or Buddy Mix, or whatever. "Karen Rosa" on Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball: "...Speaking of cool rock tracks I just heard a great song I think everyone should check out 'Show Me A Little Leg' by Buddy Mix."...

"Karen Rosa" on Tangier Dream: "Wow...Wow...Wow!!! I think that says it all."

"Emily Love" on Kitaro's Digital Box Set: "I heard a new artist that has some asian feel to his music but also reminds me of Jarre and TD. The artist name is Eric Walker and his CD is Tangier Dream".

"Emily Love" on Tangier Dream: "Soothing and beautiful music..."

"Kristin Chan" on Digitalism's I Love You, Dude: "Also while I was looking for new music to hear I found Eric Walker and his cd Tangier Dream".

The turf war winner is "Ryan FarishFan", who has written six reviews on iTunes for a variety of albums. Each references Tangier Dream or Buddy Mix (on the same label).

Ick. I do see that at least a few of the reviews I bitched about to iTunes staff are gone now.

Comment ICWBUTF (Score 1) 123

Clearly you have never heard of "I Can Walk Blindfolded Using The Force", a slick new app that hums when danger is near. Of course, if some bozo roots their phone and disables the danger sensors, you really can't expect ICWBUTF to work properly, can you? And boom, another user is dead. Long live Clu.

Comment It's not about intelligence; it's about the swarm (Score 1) 144

Let's say we are moving drone warfare towards cheaper, stupider, throwaway bots. We develop a series of dumb but statistically effective behaviors for these bots. We work on extending one-way range. Then we want to build them by the millions, in the name of achieving a different sort of "shock and awe".

Where would we go to build millions of these cheap, nasty things? Where are the factories and fabs capable of the job? Our trading partners across the pacific, where all our electronics come from...

Comment Split the loss by default (Score 1) 94

Seems to me that if you modify the law to split the loss by default, both parties will be very well motivated to ensure that security procedures are properly followed. Follow-on litigation can take care of additional liability on either side for unreasonable conduct or procedures.

Allowing banks to write a contract that says they aren't liable doesn't make sense, but neither does providing blanket protection for business.

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