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Comment Not a family man? (Score 1) 335

I'm not going to evaluate whether or not you have the math wrong because I think you have the premise wrong. You may accept the death of 2 of your 1000 closest friends, but tell me, how many times will you accept your wife's death in a terrorist attack? Or your children's? Or your own (although technically this would be unacceptable)? Or do you (because of some evolutionary hiccup) place equal value on these lives as you do others?

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List 223

War, earthquakes, and broken washers are all unavoidable events for which a carrier should not be liable if travel is delayed according to Southwest Airlines. Southwest quietly updated their act of God list a few weeks ago to include mechanical problems with the other horrors of an angry travel god. From the article: "Robert Mann, an airline industry analyst based in Port Washington, NY, called it 'surprising' that Southwest, which has a reputation for stellar customer service, would make a change that puts passengers at a legal disadvantage if an aircraft breakdown delays their travel. Keeping a fleet mechanically sound 'is certainly within the control of any airline,' Mann said. 'Putting mechanical issues in the same category as an act of God — I don't think that's what God intended.'"

BPA Leaches From Polycarbonate Bottles Into Humans 251

Linus the Turbonerd sends in the bulletin that BPA, a toxic chemical used in the production of polycarbonate, the plastic composing hard, clear water bottles, has been found to leach out of such containers, directly into the water that their users consume. "In addition to polycarbonate bottles, which are refillable and a popular container among students, campers and others and are also used as baby bottles, BPA is also found in dentistry composites and sealants and in the lining of aluminum food and beverage cans. ... 'We found that drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate bottles for just one week increased urinary BPA levels by more than two-thirds. If you heat those bottles, as is the case with baby bottles, we would expect the levels to be considerably higher. This would be of concern since infants may be particularly susceptible to BPA's endocrine-disrupting potential,' said Karin B. Michels, associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH and Harvard Medical School and senior author of the study."

Comment Re:doofus (Score 1) 417

Regulators messed up? What regulators? The problem with the AIG "bail out" is that it's not a bail out at all. It's just a 2 year bridge, so that it becomes someone else's problem. Bernanke, Paulson, and the rest of them won't be around then to care. In 2 years, when they definitely won't be able to pay back their loan (how many bankrupt companies can you name that could pay back an $85 bln loan @ 11.5% interest in 2 years??), We will give AIG another one. And then again 2 years after that. And so it goes... Financial collapse due to sheer greed and ineptitude should not be bailed out. What lesson is being learned here? Truly free markets are not sustainable, and NEVER have been. Greed always takes over, and leads to poor decison-making and, without fail, financial collapse, which in turn leads us back to more regulation and government oversight. Why not just keep the regulation the whole effing time? Greedy politicians who get big bucks from big business to get rid of all those pesky regulators. That's why. In our lifetimes, I doubt this cycle will change.

Green Light for Human/Animal Hybrids 292

Henneshoe writes "BBC News is reporting that two research facilities have been given the green light to create part human, part animal embryos. According the the report, 'Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells. The embryos would then be destroyed within 14 days.' The decision to allow the embryos was made after research showed that people in large are OK with the idea."

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