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Comment Re:I would like to apply for the job (Score 1) 47

Dear Sir,

My name is Mahindresh Jalabahamatra* from India. I would like to apply for the Universal Translator job that you are offering. I am very skilled in Universal Translation and have many years of experience. I have done Universal Translation for many clients in the past, and I consider your offered job as Universal Translator to fit my skills perfectly.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I'm Indian and I find this absolutely hilarious.. Should I be offended? Naa.. I've seen too many applicants use similar language... I will however laugh uncontrollably for the next 5 minutes at that name... Mahindresh Jalabahamatra

Comment their marketing strategy blows... (Score 1) 188

With the latest z3 series I truly feel sorry for sony. I have a z3 compact and I cant for the love of god understand why this phone isnt selling like the first gew iphones during their prime. from what I can see, it seems like their advertising and marketing strategy sucks donkey balls (yes that's what I said). The new phones have features..useful ones at that..that no other phone has (by default.. obviously all features can be ported across in android).. like the glove mode in snowy weather.. the timeshift burst camera... the answering machine in the default phone app... NOBODY seems to know about this stuff.... Instead, all their ads talk like hopped up fashion models... come on sony. learn from samsung ..only their ad strategy,.. not their phone making skills..

Comment Re:360 3D (Score 1) 26

True.. I suppose we'd have to add restrictions for movies where you want the action is happening at a set minimum distance from the observer (camera) and anything that gets closer will have to .... well.. disappear... yeah i see what you mean by hacky.. I do think it might be sufficient for movies/stories ....

Comment Re:360 3D (Score 1) 26

partly yes.. though it may not be necessary for the system to "switch" between cameras since this isnt live (direct from the camera in real-time) 360degree 3d we're talking about... you'd need one video stream for the sphere of view of the left eye.. and another stream for the sphere of view of the right eye they'd have to be constructed and stiched together like panorama or photosphere pictures beforehand (unless you have some really powerful computers doing the conversion in real time.. though not necessary for a movie) So it would boil down to the system (occulus..gearVR etc) doing the calculation of which part of the sphere to be shown based on the orientation of the head of the viewer.. and do this fast enough that he/she cannot notice any lag between head motion and video motion...

Comment Re:MIB works for NASA? (Score 1) 144

NASA officials are not planning on resuming non-urgent spacewalks before addressing all 16 of the highest priority suggestions from the Mishap Investigation Board.

According to J, a member of the MIB, those spacesuits are old and busted.

They're supposed o hide in plain sight remember? "Look into the red light people..*flash* right. You did not just see an alien space prank by teleporting water into your helmet. The water came from a faulty fan and pump assembly that extracts moisture. You will report this and find contaminants clogging the holes....."

Comment Re:brighter? (Score 1) 376

Most headlight aiming specs are decided based on the height of the headlights from the ground and a certain angle downward from there. The angle is decided based on rated brightness etc. A brighter headlight will be aimed further away from the car whereas a lower powered one will be aimed closer to provide minimum illumination. I'm not completely sure how the minimum distance the driver should be able to see would be deicided. Probably the typical speed that the vehicle is going to be designed for so I guess that would be independant of the model or segment. A fast sedan will have brighter headlamps aimed further down the road from the driver than a slow moving SUV. That's just my guess though.. not too sure... I work in the QC dept so I just get to check the vehicles according to the spec that the design department provides but this is as much as i could gather from my interactions with other departments.

Comment Re:brighter? (Score 1) 376

I doubt if any OEM is planning on using lasers directly to illuminate the road. I remember Audi introduced a concept at CES 2014 with laser headlights and a similar debate had ensued then. I work for an auto-OEM and I can tell you that all cars are aimed to avoid the beam going UP i.e into other driver's eyes (unless he's in a go-kart or something.. Ariel atom maybe???). There's not much that can be done when someone gets the headlight reaimed higher which is never recommended by the OEMs

This article spectrum) shows the actual working using very powerful but very small laser beam which is then diffused into a headlight's non-laser non-coherent beam. The only advantage of this is that a higher power level can be achieved with a very small form factor (smaller reflectors at the back of headlamps means lower costs) which is why OEM's are even trying it out.

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