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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 90

This is exactly because of this kind of method that I've switched to full linux (except for games). We are hostages of computer superpowers who fights for our default settings. The money is in the defaults settings. The "by default.... but you can turn it off in the options" is a teller that you are getting screwed at this very moment, the facebook favorite method.

Comment Putin got it right (Score 4, Informative) 145

Following the shutdown of services from Mastercard and Visa in Russia, he is pushing for a russian payment system. At least he is facing his responsibilities, not like european leaders who, even facing the evidence that they are spied, won't do anything and still rely on US products.

We must ban Cisco equipment and Microsoft/Apple systems from our governments offices, once and for all. There are alternative solutions available, let's develop them, let's deploy them. Before, there was a risk. Now there is a fact. So what are we waiting for ?

Comment Re:Buying police officers? (Score 0) 235

You can do the same in "Street wars". When you want to protect your gang from others, you deposit a pile of money in front of the police station and they provide you with a cop who patrols your area. At least now you know that if you're a FB empoyee, you can smoke pot in the street near your office building without too many risks of being arrested by your own cop.

While we're at it, why not rent a judge, you know, to speed up the lawsuit process, stuff like that.

Smells like OCP to me.

Comment Dell (Score 1) 385

Purchase Dell products instead. They offer free firmware downloads accessible from FTP without scripts, filters etc... super easy to use, very clean http pages as well.
Yes this is almost a publicity post but this is such a dick move from HP that I have to state the obvious: Dell is cool with his customers on the firmware side.
You can discuss about the quality of Dell products on other subjects or price, but on the firmware/drivers side they are cool and nowadays it need to be said when an IT vendor is cool.

Comment Why leave windows 7 ? (Score 1) 1009

We are using windows 7 at work, also macosx and linux, but the windows machines are running windows 7, almost no windows 8 almost no windows XP.
And now Windows 9 is showing... tell me why should I upgrade my windows 7 machines ? The faster they release the less I want to upgrade. I prefer to wait until the dust settles. Even the users can understand this. Windows 7 have become a comfort zone.

Comment Re:How does one prevent this ? (Score 3, Informative) 120

The IP is not the only way to identify a browser.

try this link and cry:
how unique is your browser

I talk smart, but my nerd resolution of 2400x1920 gives 15 bits of identifying identification, and firefiox ESR give 10.

"Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 3,665,195 tested so far."

in fact disabling cookies makes your browser more unique. Add the timezone, the fonts, the plugins and your browser quickly becomes more and more unique.

Comment Re:I guess I'll see (Score 1) 156

GW2 grind is souldcrushingly long and tedious, as the game not only has far more grind than WoW ever it, it does the grind in a massively boring way, just like GW1 did. You just repeat the same small subset of actions in the same place all over and over and over and over again. I absolutely love their art, which is by far the best in the industry, but gameplay was remarkably boring after a few hours with very little depth and grind was just soul crushing. And I say this as someone who played GW1 for years, where best form of farm was running two instances with a solo build that could be (and widely was) botted.

What are you talking about ? All my guild was unanimous when they said that the leveling in GW2 was the coolest one they've seen in a MMO for a long time. And that was the same for me. The levels came to me like nothing, I just traveled in a beautiful world and I even posted scrrenshots, a thing that I never do usualy. And one day I was 80.
But nothing stops you from camping a place and doing the same stuff if you want to, just like IRL.

GW2 was the most refreshing MMO I've played in a long time.

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