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Submission + - PDF Vulnerability Now Exploitable With no Clicking (

SkiifGeek writes: "With Adobe's patch for the current PDF vulnerability still some time away, news has emerged of more techniques that are available to exploit the vulnerability, this time without needing the victim to actually open a malicious file. Instead, the methods make use of a Windows Explorer Shell Extension that is installed alongside Adobe Reader, and which will trigger the exploitable code when the file is interacted with in Windows Explorer. Methods have been demonstrated of successful exploitation with a single click, with thumbnail view, and with merely hovering the mouse cursor over the affected file.

There are many ways that exploits targeting the JBIG2 vulnerability could be hidden inside a PDF file, and it seems that the reliability of detection for these varying methods is spotty, at best."

Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Mac hardware still costlier than Wintel (

cweditor writes: "The just-announced Apple hardware may have brought graphics capabilities more in line with competitive offerings, but, yes, a Macintosh will still set you back more than a Wintel equivalent — but not as much as many people believe, concludes this story with some comparison charts. Question is whether the sleek design and Leopard OS makes the premium worthwhile."

Submission + - UK G1 update but no bells and whistles... 1

z0mb13e writes: "UK G1 users are starting to get the RC9 update ( Android Community forum ) but is missing the new features such as Google Voice Search and Lattitue. This is the second update for the UK that has been stripped of major features (Voice Dial) that are included in the American release."

Submission + - Windows tech attacks Linux advocate?? (

An anonymous reader writes: You might remember from last year the story of Karen, a Texas school teacher who penned her ill-informed objections to free software in an e-mail to Linux advocate Ken Starks. Well this week, Ken posts about another incident with irate Windows fans, this time involving a punch-up at a gas station. Elsewhere, a LiveJournal user finds all this Linux hating a tad too convenient — is the Linux community really at risk of assault by laid-off Windows techs, or have Slashdotters been had by a serial spinner of tall stories?

How Much Longer Will Physical Game Distribution Survive? 478

GamesIndustry is running an interview with Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate, in which he forecasts the death of physical game distribution in favor of digital methods, perhaps in only a few years. He says, "Look at the music industry, look at 2006 when iTunes went from not being in the top six of sellers — in the same year in December it was top three, and the following year number one. I think digital distribution is absolutely the biggest threat [traditional retailers] can ever have." Rock, Paper, Shotgun spoke with Capcom's Christian Svensson, who insists that developing digital distribution is one of their top priorities, saying Capcom will already "probably do as much digital selling as retail in the current climate." How many of the games you acquire come on physical media these days? At what point will the ease of immediate downloads outweigh a manual and a box to stick on your shelf (if it doesn't already)?

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 768

Well, guess what. IE 7 *is* an update to IE 6 -- a critical one for very legitimate security issues.
Releasing Program v2 and maintaining bugfixes for Program v1 = shoving v2 down users' throats.
Releasing Program v2 and dropping bugfixes for Program v2 = correcting very legitimate security issues.

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