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Bah! Stupid digital punk kids!  *Sunday August 12, 2001 @12:29AM 3 2
   attached to 20th Anniversary Of The PC
Why do threatening letters never have name signed?  *Tuesday August 07, 2001 @06:26PM 1 1
   attached to Dolby Tells NetBSD Project: Don't Decode AC3
No workplace privacy... unless you're a cop.  *Friday July 27, 2001 @06:32PM  2
   attached to Workplace Privacy Lacking
Re:Let's say "Warez sire found in Taiwan" Now what  *Friday July 27, 2001 @06:31AM  2
   attached to Renewed Crackdown On File Sharing
What to do? COUNTERSUE FOR WRONGFUL ARREST!  *Monday July 23, 2001 @04:16PM  4
   attached to Adobe Backs Down
Tourists prove that not that much training needed.  *Sunday July 22, 2001 @07:27AM  1
   attached to Another Space Tourist In Training
Or launch by insane leader who doesn't give a shit  *Monday July 16, 2001 @05:49AM  2
   attached to NASA Sends One Up; DoD Shoots One Down
Next is TVs only one person may watch.  *Friday July 13, 2001 @12:27PM  3
   attached to Publishers vs. Libraries, round 2
The goal is to do away with flat rate anything.  *Monday July 09, 2001 @08:02AM  4
   attached to Why Won't You Pay for Content?
MS fears US will mandate "OSS only" like Brazil.  *Thursday June 28, 2001 @04:05PM  3
   attached to Microsoft and the GPL
Corn would go extinct without aid of man.  *Friday June 22, 2001 @09:55AM  1
   attached to Scientist Discover Another 'Extinct' Tree
Yes. PUBLIC newsgroups and PUBLIC television.  *Sunday May 27, 2001 @07:56PM  2
There is no copyright. You posted to public forum!  *Sunday May 27, 2001 @06:56PM  1
   attached to Google Owns UseNet
Voy at least needs a "wrap up" episode.  *Sunday May 27, 2001 @07:30PM  1
   attached to Voyager Eulogy
Wht aren't kernels now pre-patched with crypto?  *Friday May 25, 2001 @06:35PM  2
   attached to Linux Kernel 2.4.5 Released
I want a law to force my business to succeed too!  *Thursday May 24, 2001 @08:20AM  5
   attached to Regulator Challenges DVD Zoning
Clue! Gas cost same in US/CA/UK/DE. Diff is TAX!!!  *Wednesday May 09, 2001 @06:43AM  2
   attached to CD-R Prices Could Triple This Summer
Declaration of Consumer Copying Rights (DCCR)  *Saturday May 05, 2001 @06:34PM  5
   attached to Digital Display Encryption Details Leaked
I hate to say this but, Stability... is good.  *Monday April 23, 2001 @05:27PM  2
   attached to Next Generation C++ In The Works
So get bigger asteroids at your command!  *Thursday April 12, 2001 @06:23AM  4
   attached to Re:smart
Still hosed! Hash/pound character is not portable!  *Friday April 06, 2001 @05:50PM  2
   attached to Software Problem Linked to Osprey Crash
Expired copyrignt != taking away creator's credit  *Wednesday April 04, 2001 @06:35PM  2
   attached to Napster Goes Before US Congress
Right and VCR/DVD makes movie theaters less useful  *Sunday March 18, 2001 @08:44PM  2
   attached to Another Arcade Standby Calls It Quits
Re:Do it in Assembly  *Thursday March 15, 2001 @01:44PM  3
   attached to The Fastest Web Language On The 'Net?

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