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Journal Journal: the cult versus representative democracy

naturally, democracy didn't stand a chance

while the cult leader pulled 36% of the vote in the nonbinding caucus - compared to 39% for the top vote getter - he'll receive at least 87.5% of the delegates for the state.

sure, the caucus was nonbinding, but that doesn't mean it should be disregarded completely. at least, that is what a rational person might expect. however, the cult of ron paul knows better. indeed, the cult of ron paul knows what the people really want, so they will do what they can to deliver it regardless of what the people might otherwise think they want.

ron paul. fascism for the people!

or, to paraphrase the beatles:

you say you want a revolution-pac

oh, ooooh, yeah

we just want to break the world....
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Journal Journal: the end of ron paul's fantasyland

news has been popping up lately that the country closest to the ideals of ron paul and his cult - somalia - is seeing a change in its situation. particularly, the capital of mogadishu now has something vaguely resembling a government.

that said, piracy, extremism, and offshore dumping of toxic waste continues. similarly a significant portion of the population still cannot go to school. so they haven't lost all of the cult's ideals yet...
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Journal Journal: what day is the cult meeting in dc?

vocal ron paul worshiper roman_mir insists that there was a rally in dc on the 21st for his lord and savior. one small problem, though.

the rally was actually the day before. perhaps the cult is starting to draw lines as to what caliber of crazy they want at their rallies?

update - after someone pointed out to him that he had the date wrong, roman_mir corrected it in his signature. being as he had typed "21st" when the correct date was the "20th", it would seem he knew what he was typing. the question that he will likely never answer is why he had it wrong. did he have bad information that he was passing on unknowingly?
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Journal Journal: ron paul's economic fantasies

ron paul and his cult like to talk about their economic fantasyland a lot. any sensible observer knows that at least 90% of what they claim to want can be found all together in only one country on earth currently - somalia. basically everything they want, except for one thing.

the "gold standard".

and frankly, i'm not sure if there is a country of any economic importance today that has their currency pegged to gold or any other precious metal. leaving the real question to be what the cult has to gain by pursuing this economic strawman.
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Journal Journal: ron paul should go watch idiocracy

tragically popular cult leader / presidential candidate ron paul has declared the department of the interior "unconstitutional" and wants to eliminate it. if all government regulations were eliminated as per his dream - which would of course turn the usa into the new somalia - then eliminating the dept of the interior could have dire consequences.

but it's got electrolytes!
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Journal Journal: ron paul and albert einstein

these two do have one thing in common - thought experiments. the similarity between the nobel physicist and the cult-leader physician pretty well ends there, though.

einstein was known for his famous thought experiments involving trains at high speeds and what they said about relativity. they were simple models for what happens at various physically extreme situations. einstein realized these were good models but they were just that; not really things he expected to roll out in the physical world and physical reality that we live in.

ron paul, on the other hand, has his thought experiments that he badly wants to see deployed into the real world. never mind that the closest country to his current ideals would be somalia; he still believes it is what would somehow cure our ills.

in other words, because ron paul is a failure of an observationist - and likely a failure of an experimentalist as well - he cannot see what would come from what he wants to impose on the usa. so while his cult members may view him as some kind of great genius, he has a long ways to go before he can rightfully claim that title.

perhaps someday "ron paul" will come to be analogous to shortsighted in the same way that einstein is analogous in the modern vernacular to genius.
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Journal Journal: my second comment today

the ron paul cultists have guaranteed that i will never, ever, have karma better than terrible, or the ability to post more than twice per day under my name. as my second comment was in reply to a journal entry by a very devout cultist, i thought i would post it here as well to improve its chance of being read.


first, mr. schiff is not a political prisoner, no matter how badly you want it to be the case. he filed false tax returns, which is a crime. he is in prison for breaking the law. just because you hate everything ron paul tells you to hate does not mean that suddenly skipping or falsifying taxes is no longer criminal.

second, your lord and savior would make far more people into prisoners than we currently have. the only difference is that people would be prisoners to their employers in ways that they are not currently. in the current situation in the us, workers have - very marginal - rights. your lord and savior wants to give all those rights away so that the employers hold all the cards. the 40-hour work week will be gone. minimum wage will be gone. health insurance will be gone. life insurance and retirement will be gone. vacation will be gone. employees will have no avenue for recourse if they are fired unjustly or if employers slander or blackmail them.

in other words your lord and savior wants to drive the us rate of incarceration up to around 90% or more. the only difference is that very little of the incarcerated people will be jailed in what we currently call a jail or a prison, instead what they currently think of as their workplaces will become their jails and prisons, with no hope for parole.


the comment is here:

the journal entry it was posted in reply to is here:


the plus side of being eternally frozen at terrible karma, and forverer guaranteed to post at minus 1, is that nobody can moderate my comment down further.
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Journal Journal: the cult of ron paul conquers slashdot again

today's most commented story - which has taken that title for the month as well - is about ron paul's son and his "valiant" quest against the tsa. naturally, the cult members couldn't stay off of that and had to insert as many incantations for their lord as possible to ensure that he takes his rightful place.

happiness in slavery - brought to you by the cult of ron paul.
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Journal Journal: liberal bias leaves out the cult leader

i've been seeing news articles online today that congress has indefinitely delayed voting on the sopa and pipa bills. however all the news articles seem to have left out one important thing. they conveniently all forgot to mention that this was exclusively and inarguably the doing of his lord and savior ron paul. without him, nothing good can ever happen.

now if i could just find some fanatical ron paul supporter here on slashdot who could fill in the blanks and tell me what the media left out about how ron paul made this happen...
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Journal Journal: the cult leader almost made sense by accident

famed cult leader / congressman / presidential candidate ron paul almost accidentally made sense recently in a "debate" on abortion issues. ron paul acknowledged that passing laws against abortion won't stop people from getting abortions, it will only end up with more people in jail. for a man who is over 100 years old, and full of shit, this was a stunning act of logic.

however, what he neglected to mention is that he would still support laws that outlaw abortion. and of course, in the dream world that he and his superpac sell as part of his campaign, there would also be no us supreme court to examine such laws, as it would be thrown out to achieve the mythical "government you can drown in a bathtub".

thankfully, as much as he either cannot or will not acknowledge it, the us constitution prohibits the present from unilaterally doing such things.
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Journal Journal: karma goes only down if you oppose the cult leader

the members of the cult of ron paul are again showing how much they appreciate free speech and hearing from people of differing opinion. with my karma at terrible i posted to a recent article and for a moment my comment was at plus 2. now it is back down to minus 1.

i also enjoyed seeing how a comment that was not moderated by anyone acquired a flamebait tag. apparently ron paul is so deeply entrenched in slashdot groupthink that even the code itself opposes what i say.
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Journal Journal: rand paul shoots himself in the foot

rand paul, the son of famous cult leader ron paul, is sometimes credited as the more personable potential candidate of the family. he supports the same illogical and unconstitutional agenda of his father, but isn't quite as condescending in his tone while speaking.

however, a recent statement from him crapped all over the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" mentality.

"My dad paid for my college and my medical school, and I owe it to him"

and of course, those are the only people who would be able to go to college under the destructive policies that are advocated by ron paul and recited as gospel by his cult.

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