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Comment You are seeing what they choose to show (Score 1) 361

How does anyone know that they aren't being selective in what they release? For that matter, how does anyone know that the data has not been manipulated or even fabricated? It can't even be proved who did the hacking or what the motive is.

Media will all report it as gospel truth because they can't be seen as missing out on a big story. But nobody knows shit no matter what they spew on about it.

Comment So they say (Score 1) 155

They can say whatever they want, and all the idiot press will believe it. In fact, it's all a bunch of bullshit and countless competent intelligence agencies know that. Putin wants to push everyone around, but he's out of money. International businesses and world leaders don't care what color your judo belt is.

Show the money, bitch.

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