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Comment Re:Let's see... (Score 1) 186

You are assuming the data is indexed, ahead of time, and the indexes can staisfy the request.

If a FOIA request is something that isn't indexed, for example, "all video taken with minority and at risk populations", or "all footage that shows handcuffs being placed on an individual", or any number of other, non-indexed, criteria, the existing indexes are useless.

Compare an indexed SQL lookup to a SQL full table scan... only vith video, and manual indexing.

Comment From the conclusion: (Score 3, Interesting) 325

"Wikipedia has changed from “the encyclopedia that anyone can edit” to “the encyclopedia that anyone who understands the norms, socializes him or herself, dodges the impersonal wall of semi-automated rejection and still wants to voluntarily contribute his or her time and energy can edit”

The former turned out to be a monumentally bad idea, creating a space filled with weird conspiracy editors, tendentious axe-grinding, automated submission systems, random drive-by vandalism, massive amount of astroturfing, and general trolling. Hence, the latter.

Comment Re:Defense systems? (Score 1) 331

What's the cost per attack, with likely success per attack, and advantage gained or lost as a result? Warfare is about accounting, not making things "impossible to attack". Nothing withstands a direct hit from a thermonuclear weapon, but they are rediculously expensive if all you do is knock out one ship with them.

Comment Re:Salmon's now on my "foods to avoid" list (Score 1) 514

"The fact that the cross-pollination takes hold, means that this could have occurred naturally, so we are just mimicking the natural process. On the other splicing the gene from one species of plant (or animal) to another, that could not otherwise occur in nature"....

Wrong. Please go back to school. GMO's are built by mimicking existing "natural" gene splicing processes, usually by mimicking the virus carrier method we observed in nature.

Comment Re:The power of privacy (Score 1) 720

"Otherwise, spammers would rule the first SERPS"

Nope, and that's what frustrates the hell out of the spammers... all the major parts of their formulas (Pagerank, Hilltop, etc.) *are* published, what isn't published (because they change daily) are some of the constants used in the calculations, but all the algo pieces are out there. It's standard reading in IR (which is what SEO would be if it wasn't a bunch of scammers). It's just that for a given page there are two over hundred measurements per page, and spammers are in search of something "quick and easy", rather than take the effort to make pages, and sites, that would wind up at the top of the SERPS.

Comment Re:Not military (Score 1) 214

He didn't promise that you could evade taxes, or launder money, or run a "non-profit" as a for-profit operation, if you were a marijuana grower or distributor. Hence, raids continue on businesses that are committing such crimes, and their choice of product does not mean they are free from prosecution. They went after fairly visible operations, ones that were making a lot of money and growing rapidly, because California MMJ law does not allow such business practices.

Comment Re:Nature of the install (Score 1) 130

Let's take, oh, car monitoring systems.
(1) we've installed this logging software on your device;
Like a car error monitoring system.
(2) it is not possible through normal means to deactivate it;
Like a car error monitoring system.
(3) this software runs without any disclosure or agreement in your contract;
Like a car error monitoring system.
(4) this software runs on your device even if you are no longer under contract or even subscribed as our customer;
Like a car error monitoring system.
and (5) this software is not an integrated component of the device's operating system.
Like a car error monitoring system.
Do you, perchance, use a horse for travelling?

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