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Comment Re:The Guardian (Score 1) 344

This I think is the central point. The Guardian is losing £250,000 per day. That is a staggering loss for any business let alone one whose entire future revenue streams are in doubt (given that they receive a huge amount of their income from advertising public sector jobs, does any really think an incoming Conservative government is going to keep that status quo?) You would think that this would focus the minds of the owners of this paper. However, they have recently moved into new offices near King's Cross station which I can only describe as being oppulent. I have never seen nicer offices anywhere in the City of London in any hedge fund or investment bank that I have visited, places where they actually make money! The only explanation I have is that newspaper and their readers are in denial of the reality of the current situation. News costs money, and someone has to pay. Murdoch understands this, The Guardian Media Group doesn't. Nor do most of the commentaters here by the look of it. I would bet that the Guardian goes the way of the dodo before New International does.

Comment Re:more high carb propoganda (Score 2, Informative) 379

Glad you are losing weight. My opinion on exercise depends upon how overweight you are, and what you plan on doing. The damage to your joints from running is massive if you are heavy, and so is not worth doing. Walking is generally fine for almost everyone, and will benefit your health. Strength training is great, so is joint mobility work. Be careful of intense exercise, it can greatly increase your appetite and then you go on a massive binge, negating the point of the exercise completely.

Comment more high carb propoganda (Score 3, Insightful) 379

More fat is bad rubbish. I am supposed to believe that eating saturated fat is bad but of course eating lots of carbs is good. Of course the first thing the body does to excess carbs is to convert them to saturated fat in the liver. Why not just eat fat directly and give the liver a break, whilst maintaining my insulin sensitivity? If any one still believes the lipid hypothesis I suggest you log onto Hyperlipid and spend some time reading.

Comment the hockey stick (Score 1) 736

Personally I find that evidence such as this and the world's disaperring glaciers compelling eveidence for the warming trend. Having said that, does any one still believe in the veracity of Mann's hockey stick, which seems to me to be proven to be complete rubbish. If so why?

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