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Comment Re:He was never really honored the first time arou (Score 1) 91

It's a false comparison... Ritchie was *very* well known with computer guys; particularly programmers/developers... which Jobs hired many.

Jobs did what he did as a business, yet he also had a thorough understanding of the technologies involved; such as OOP- otherwise he wouldn't have had the rational in choosing Objective-C as a basis for his NextStep OS in the mid 1980's.. which eventually evolved into Mac OS X and iOS.

Comment Re:a.k.a. Clipper Chip 2.0 (Score 1) 232

The Clipper chip was in final development long before a Democrat took the White House in 1993... Those things don't pop out of nowhere.

Now I don't think the party of the president has a huge bearing on what those 3 letter agencies try to do.... but I can attest to a Republican presidency that shoved the PATRIOT Act down our throats.

Comment Re:employers can have their own back doors (Score 1) 435

Like many government agencies, San Bernardino County Social Services is pretty bare-bones when it comes to funding. Their IT dept are probably a few of MCSE jockeys that abhor anything non-Microsoft; those iPhones are already 3rd class devices to their department, hence no need for MDM.

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