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Comment Another New Zealander responds (Score 1) 127

I have been following this since it started with eyebrows rising at every new development. That KDC should be able to sue the government and the police is the right decision. However, the real bad guys here are the USA / FBI / MIAFIAA who bullied the NZ Government into acting in this unjust manner. The whole thing was a shake-down, plain and simple. Shame on the NZ government for allowing themselves to be bullied - all they can see is the Free-Trade-Agreement carrot being dangled, always out of reach... "You want a FTA? Then you must act on this terrorist who *allegedly* infringed on copyright". This started with the Three-Strikes file sharing law. Shame on you USA, you have manipulated/bribed another sovereign state into doing your dirty work and now they cop the consequences. Nothing new there I suppose. As much a "bit of a douche" KDC is - I admire him for giving everyone a shake-up, he is showing businesses that it's a brave new world of business models, not the 1950's heyday of *AA.

Submission + - Web piracy may kill 1.2 million jobs (stuff.co.nz)

rolytnz writes: A study by TERA Consultants for the International Chamber of Commerce focused on piracy in Europe's music, film, television and software industries say that 1.2 million European jobs could be lost in the next five years. From the article — "If that trend continues — and the rapid increase in illegal downloads and advancing piracy techniques suggest it will — then up to 1.2 million jobs and 240 billion euros worth of European commerce could be wiped out by 2015." For me, the key words here are could and may, and the whole study is about as reliable and something produced by the RIAA/MPAA. Total conjecture. Won't someone think of the children?

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