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Comment Give me a break! (Score 1) 516

Being a web dev myself, I do appreciate the importance of optimization but static files are definitely not the cause of such performance issues.

Usually, it's either application load or database load.

These "experts" are giving really "obvious" comments. The point of architecture problems is most likely the culprit, or simply, they've just haven't planned very well for the amount of data transfer that the system would have to handle.

Comment Crappy article! (Score 1) 167

Correlation and causality are not the same. Also, I really would like people to stop publishing articles on "Scientists say", a study found, etc without publishing a link to the peer reviewed article so we can understand what is going on. If we don't have such reasons we can make this sort of reasoning too: "Northern latitudes are have less light during winters, and people have bigger brains to deal with the depression that is associated with lack of light." Of course I just pulled that out of my behind, and it's only meant to indicate that any yahoo can come up with some theory behind correlation. So, you have to control for all sorts of variables before making such conclusions, but heck, we just care about the 2 line summary, eh?

Comment Well, I liked it (Score 1) 295

I watched the movie while coding on a project and I remember liking it. I have found out that bad movies are not as bad if you code while watching them. This allows one to only allocate to the move a very small fraction of brain power. You'll feel happy because you actually did something, and that you did two things at the same time.

Comment Well, how about mbr rootkits (Score 1) 578

Hmm, I was thinking of how Mebroot installs itself in the MBR of the drive. Maybe looking at that code might help you. :) However, I don't think one has to deal with firmware. I think writing a simple filesystem that writes or seeks sequentially only might be a better way of dealing with this issue. I think there are a couple such file systems for NAND flash that pretty much work this way. Then, you can put all your directory structures at one end and all files on the other end of the drives.

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