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Comment Re:Changes (Score 1) 233

Wish I had mod points for this.

I dislike using Java for work ( mid-sized web applications) but when I've been forced to deal with Java code I have enjoyed being able to quickly understand what a developer was trying to do regardless of their level of expertise.

It's really good to have simple, slow-evoling, core elements to a language when it comes to learning, teaching, understanding, etc..

Comment Minimum != No (Score 2) 201

'OS-less' based system, sweet! Just think, we'll save a few seconds during the boot up process and it will only take hundreds of hours for our devs to code in assembly / binary! It's almost as efficient as the href-less anchor tag.

Sarcasm aside... there is something working as an OS it's just trimmed down to the bare minimum. Also, check your damn summaries.

Comment Re:Existing non-electronic variant (Score 1) 145

FFS... Situation A) Blame automatically applied to manufacturer : They send out another unit and sell the 'defective' unit as a refirb or B) They have the data from 'smart' sensor bitch and moan with shipper's lawyers over who is responsible for the damaged product after spending time review logs. The only people who win with situation B) are the Goddamn lawyers. This just seems like an instance of a coming up with a solution that costs more than the initial problem.

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