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Comment Re:and all of the out of work trucks well just hol (Score 1) 103

why would they scrap perfectly viable trucks/cars? it's going to be a matter of adding some software attached to a few motors to control the throttle/steering of an existing vehicle. (The software is the hard part to figure out, while being very cheap to reproduce once sorted out.)

Comment Re: Flying car? (Score 2) 146

Right? i was driving to work this morning and some dingus was going 58 miles an hour in the left lane (4 lane highway, two in each direction). No one in front of him, huge pile of cars behind him.

Given how bad people are at driving, and how they manage to cock up a morning commute for everyone around them, giving them an extra dimension in which to fuck around is just going to be a disaster.

(This is without mentioning the obvious need for special camps in which to put people like the driver above.)

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