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Comment Re:Snapdragon (Score 1) 95

Also wouldn't the privacy be useless unless the other party has a similar phone? I mean sure, your end of the exchange could be secure, so it would just mean the 3 letter agency would go after whoever you are communicating with.

and face it, if they are after you -- to the point where they are trying to drop eaves on your conversations, they already know who you're associating and communicating with. And probably have a warrant to get your phone records anyways.

Comment Re:Because... (Score 1) 198

That's stupid. thousands of fans so interested in their IP they're willing to show up for things like this, and this is the reaction from Disney/lucasfilm?

I imagine if the disciples had lawyers, Christianity would never have taken off... unlicensed proselytizing might weaken the brand and it goes without saying, they'd need to shut it down, right?

Comment Re:Pretty much this (Score 1) 267

that's insane.. i mean given the size (area) of the US, it would take more than just a few nukes to 'cripple' the US. Besides, given the US's nuclear armed submarines -- NK would be reduced to ash pretty much before their missiles even landed on US soil. (this is of course assuming they can even get an ICBM to reach.)

Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 1) 305

because the market would absolutely, positively NOT be flooded with Chinese melamine tablets masquerading as antibiotics.

I kind of like the stringent standards that the FDA imposes on prescriptions; really this sounds more like a patent/IP issue; drug companies are able to restrict the manufacture of generics for years, thus artificially keeping prices high.

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