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Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 269

as a dude who grew up with an NES, and having a 2.5 year old kid -- i know what console i'll be getting in a year or so.
(hint: it's the switch, or a used WII U)

Partly the nostalgia, but truthfully, i'm more interested in fun games I can play with the kiddo than ultra realistic graphics (that's what my PC is for.)

I suspect there's a metric ton of 30 something year olds in a similar boat, with similar histories. Nintendo will have that as a market for years to come.

Comment Re:Microsoft... (Score 1) 292

really? i have a 2014 fusion with myford touch, and an iphone 5s. it works pretty much flawlessly every single time (referring to spotify playing and the steering wheel controls changing tracks/pausing etc.)

(interestingly enough it did NOT work nearly as well when i had a windows phone)

Comment Re:Is the implication that fresh water is bad? (Score 1) 159

i guess. the only real answer here is "tough shit". human beings have been pretty good at figuring out how to survive in a very wide array of environments. whatever harm we're doing to the environment, we'll figure out a way to get through, just like other forms of life on the planet will adapt as well.

cajoling anyone, anywhere, at anytime to reduce consumption (aka standard of living) is a non-starter. it's a pipe dream that green-leaning lefties try to impose on the rest of us. The right answer is to innovate ways to make things more efficient and behaving in a 'green' way, more economic, rather than less.

You will never, ever be able to sell the idea to the ~3b people living in the developing world to not follow the trajectory of the west. it simply will not happen. But by all means, eat your tofu, drive your prius and give yourself a pat on the back for making a difference.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

are you implying that Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo etc were peaceful places before the US military went in? (right or wrong, that's besides the point.. personally I think policing actions like that are what the UN *should* be doing.)

Letting people like Assad or Hussein "keep the peace" through brutal dictatorships is not exactly a good solution either, is it?

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

aside from the snarky "blood for oil" rhetoric, why does the US have military bases spread across the globe? Is it imperialism? Or an attempt to keep the peace and prevent regional conflicts from boiling over and escalating? (Think back to the cold war, all the way back to Eisenhower, when this got started)

And yes, in terms of gross value, we do export the most arms, but it's not guns and bullets we're selling, it's planes and tanks (mostly to other western nations.)

I'm guessing more people are killed by Kalashnikov than M-16's after all.

Comment pointless (Score 1) 12

Augmented reality is a known, solved problem since at least the 1960's with the invention of LSD.

(and that's excluding natural substances like psilocybin. Things like pokemon go aren't an improvement by any stretch of the imagination.


Comment Re:Snapdragon (Score 1) 95

Also wouldn't the privacy be useless unless the other party has a similar phone? I mean sure, your end of the exchange could be secure, so it would just mean the 3 letter agency would go after whoever you are communicating with.

and face it, if they are after you -- to the point where they are trying to drop eaves on your conversations, they already know who you're associating and communicating with. And probably have a warrant to get your phone records anyways.

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