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Comment Thank you, now it all makes sense!!! (Score 1) 183

So, my 9 year old daughter, AB blooded, must be a beer addict, her white cotton socks must be too used to get transparent, the moon at the other side of the world must keep on affecting meanwhile she stays in the daylight with no moon at all in the sky, lying down in the sofa to watch Disney Channel must make her breath a lot of lactic acid, her white summer clothes must be dirt to death and... Dammit! She must be expecting!!!

Comment The implementation is the problem, not the concept (Score 2) 525

Most of the problems raise when big numbers are translated to small teams. Probably, a 10% of a big corporation staff deserves to be fired, but that's not appliable to 10% of every team. Maybe several teams deserve to be fired alltogether (boss included) and some teams deserve an extra-bonus (ok, boss included), but the big numbers should achieve those global percentages.

Bad bosses apply the corporate percentages top down without changes because it is easier to manage and they can say "I'm not mean, it's the rule" but he is part of the problem. The spreading of the percentages should be distributed through the organization weightened according to the contribution of the teams and sub-teams, so there could be an uneven punishing policy, which is counterintuitively far much more fair.

Comment Interconnect Social Networks by SMTP-like-standard (Score 1) 314

No interconnection means great useless silos. SMTP is the nowadays latin interlingo among companies. I'm hopeless because FB, G+, TT and the like should become a federation (at least in the inter-posting-protocol), which is quite difficult to achieve. In an ideal goal, post shouldn't actually travel, but notifications, and your favourite post-browser would be just a viewer (non storer) of the posted-outside messages. To make it nore complicated, there should be sort of a "ad earnings clearing house" to make it profitable for everyone. I don't think it'll happen ever. Long live to SMTP.

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Informative) 31

After RTFA I found it at the end of page 4. He's talking about d3.js:

"Cunningham: Let me close with an example that is close to me today. I was looking to make things move on the screen and I fell upon this d3.js library. It's a nice library with a lot of examples of it doing impressive things. And then the code for those examples is 20, 30, 40 lines. And then I read the introductory material, and it says, here's our philosophy, and I agree with their philosophy. I like the picture and I like the look of the code. It's only 40 lines, but every line carried some careful thought."

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