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Comment Re:Fuck GEB (Score 1) 178

I tend to agree about GEB despite the praise it gets. I also found it pretentious as well as being pedantic and excessively verbose. I've made several attempts to read it, but just can't will myself past the first few chapters. That being said, there's clearly a large audience it appeals to. Maybe check it out from the library and save yourself some cash (I regret buying it).

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 31

It's more difficult than you might think. Without GPS, maintaining it's position with only video and other sensors is a tough problem. Image processing is computationally intensive, so making it work with limited hardware that can fit in a drone doesn't make it any easier. I do agree that it is kind of lame though. I'm not a big fan of a bunch of little drones floating around everywhere.

Comment Re:Best sunscreen... (Score 1) 114

Not sure if that was sarcastic, but OP is correct (with the addition of synthetic materials). I live by the ocean where the UV index is almost always extreme. Rash guards/wetsuits can cover most of your body and really are the best way to protect against the sun if you spend any amount of time in the water. It doesn't wash off and you don't miss spots (it's also it's better for the environment for those that care about it).

Comment Re:False positives? (Score 1) 286

Registration is free and there is no email verification (FAQ from AM). So yeah, someone could register you without your knowledge. However, it's the credit card transactions (for male users only?) that's getting people caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Without the CC transactions, there does't seem to be anyway to definitively prove someone was actively using the site.

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