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Submission + - Building a PC in the Year 1998

roelbj writes: Maximum PC has posted a free PDF archive of their premiere issue, dating back to September 1998. Anyone who has been building computers for a while will appreciate gems such as "When will we get to use our USB ports? (p.13); overclocking a CPU to a blistering 225 Mhz (p.64); reviews of cutting-edge CD-ROM drives, PhotoShop 5.0, the Iomega Buz, and Final Fantasy VII; and and of course the Intel/AMD debate which existed even then (p.10). If you are offended by beige, look away.

Submission + - Astronomers determine the length of day of an exoplanet

The Bad Astronomer writes: Astronomers have just announced that the exoplanet Beta Pic b — a 10-Jupiter-mass world 60 light years away -— rotates in about 8 hours. Using a high-resolution spectrometer and exploiting the Doppler shift of light seen as the planet spins, they measured its rotation velocity as 28,000 mph. Making reasonable assumptions about the planet's size, that gives the length of its day. This is the first time such a measurement has been achieved for an exoplanet.

Submission + - Penny Jar Karma (Poll suggestion) 1

roelbj writes: Leave a penny or take a penny?

1. I normally take pennies
2. I normally leave pennies
3. I break even, approximately
4. Abolish the penny! Round everything to the nearest nickel!

Submission + - SPAM: The Most Useless Machine Ever

roelbj writes: Instructables has a video and build instructions for the most useless machine ever. It's so clever that describing it here would ruin the fun. Readers with electronics and woodworking knowledge who are looking for a fun winter project (assuming you are in the Northern hemisphere) might want to give this a try.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Transformers Special Edition Chevy Camaro Unveiled

roelbj writes: "Automotive stories are few and far between on Slashdot, but today's news from Chevrolet might just make a few readers' mouths water at the chance to own their own Bumblebee. "Today at Comic-Con, General Motors officially announced the 2010 Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition. The $995 appearance package can be applied to LT (V6) and SS-trim Camaros in Rally Yellow with or without the optional RS package." High-res photos included."

Comment N=N+1 (Score 1) 575

I am the webmaster of the webpage for the band Billy Pilgrim,


      IE: 51%
      FFx: 30%
      Saf: 10%
      Chr: 04%
      Moz: 03%

Average visitor is probably well educated & in mid-30s as this band was popular in colleges in the late 90s but is no longer active.


Submission + - How often do you rebuild your main desktop machine

roelbj writes: "How often do you reload your OS and software?

      1. Monthly
      2. Every 2 months
      3. Every 6 months
      4. Every year
      5. Every 2 years
      6. I'm still using Windows 3.1"

Windows PowerShell in Action 442

jlcopeland writes "For two decades I've hated the command prompt in DOS and Windows. Inconsistencies abound and everything is a special case. The fallback on a Microsoft box has been running a Unix shell under Cygwin or installing Microsoft's own Services for Unix (or its predecessor, Softway's Interix), or by scripting in Perl, but those only get you so far. Having co-written nine years worth of trade rag columns using mostly Perl as the implementation language for the samples, and thinking of every problem that comes across my desk as an excuse to write a little bit of scripting code, I've got some well-formed views about scripting languages and what works and what doesn't. That means I've been eagerly watching the development of PowerShell since it was called Monad. It's got the advantage of being a unified command-line interface and scripting language for Windows, even if it does have a dorky name." Read the rest of Jeffrey's review.

Submission + - Response to CLF Mercury Levels

theNetImp writes: The Consumerist has written a response to the the article linked to the other day from this slashdot article regarding the safety of CLFs. "

A woman in Maine broke a CFL and, rather than carefully cleaning the mess up herself, she called Home Depot. They told her not to vacuum, and directed her to call Poison Control. Poison Control directed her to the Maine DEP, who then sent an agent. The agent told her to call in a toxic waste team to give an estimate. Naturally, they told her it was going to be around $2,000. She heard that number, walled off the bedroom and alerted the local media.

Enter Fox News, where Steven "Junk Science" Milloy a well known, self-appointed "Junk Science expert" and global warming denier, writes an editorial extolling the dangers of CFLs to you, me, and our precious, precious babies.

Submission + - What's new in study of human evolution?

je ne sais quoi writes: MSNBC/Newsweek has an informative article summarizing a lot of the recent advancements in tracing the evolution of modern humans. From the article:

Unlike the earlier wave of Homo erectus into Asia a million years ago, the first modern humans, the ancestors of everyone today, departed Africa about 66,000 years ago... These pilgrims were strikingly few. From the amount of variation in Y chromosomes today, population geneticists infer how many individuals were in this "founder" population. The best estimate: 2,000 men. Assuming an equal number of women, only 4,000 brave souls ventured forth from Africa. We are their descendants.
The article emphasizes that evolution is not necessarily linear, in that a given trait might show up multiple times before being used by a successful species. We've come a long way from the old story of humanoid evolution that goes in a more or less linear chain from Australopithicus to Homo Sapiens.

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