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Comment Re: Warranty Shouldn't Matter (Score 1) 359

Who lied about what? They used AMD GPU's in 2011. You typed 6 paragraphs and didn't even read the 4 paragraphs in the OP's linked article. "The issue appears to affect 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros that have discrete graphics cards. All of the 2011 MacBooks use AMD cards, including the AMD Radeon HD 6490M, the AMD Radeon HD 6750M (both 512MB/1GB variants) and the AMD Radeon HD 6770M."

Comment Re:Why is it called ride sharing? (Score 1) 184

Then you sir lack reason and good judgement. Every other weekend my truck is covered head to toe in mud, snow or whatever challenging conditions I was seeking. Guess what I do when I get home.. I wash the mud off the truck... Brilliant huh? who saw that coming.. But I'm still an idiot because obviously seeing an SUV drive past you on the street makes you an expert on how that vehicle and owner spends their time..

Comment Re:Why is it called ride sharing? (Score 1) 184

Well actually not really! The market has already adjusted for the Mall rated 4x4 crowd. How many real SUV's are left on the Market? not many - most SUV's are now crossover vehicles with decent gas mileage and car like ride. The only real SUV's left are some land rovers, the 4 runner and a jeep.

Comment Deja-Vu (Score 1) 176

They discovered this again? Haven't we known this for a long time? I remember seeing a show in the 80's. I think it was Blue Peter on the BBC - a childrens science show. Where they simulated what a Fly sees with a Slow motion camera and explained how perception of time is different for insects and humans.

Comment Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 1) 716

Why is it morally questionable for countries to offer competitive tax rates? Tiny nations like Ireland are competitive to try keep their people employed. You can moral this and moral that but Apple have employed over 4,000 people in Ireland and been there for quite some time. The morality of other nations tax laws are not really an issue here, small nations do what they must to survive in a financial world largely driven by the United states. - Apples duties as an American company is the only place there can be a moral question. It's sheer ignorance that would compare Ireland to pacific island tax havens. Listening to congressmen go on about this - It's like a Shark crying because a goldfish stole it's lunch.. Really America? Blame the Paddies because of your deregulated financial ecosystem that empowers corporations to act like they are above the people and often the law.. Keep handing out welfare checks to oil companies and friends while doing nothing as competitive tax incentives from other countries have seen the exodus of many industries and sources of employment in the US. The whole thing is so shallow and pathetic.

Comment Re:The evil U.S. is to blame, not any of you! (Score 1) 605

"No man is responsible for the sins of his father" That's a cool slogan for a movie but on the flip side.. Most sons WILL take up arms because of what was done to their fathers. People don't forget and forgive that quickly and often rightly so. The empires are far from ancient history... that's some stunning ignorance.. That's what the sons of empires tell themselves so they feel better.. It's not too long ago in Northern Ireland where Catholics were second class citizens.. For all the Brits development as a powerful first world nation - even in the 1970's a catholic couldn't vote. British army shooting unarmed civies in the street.. You won WW2 and learned what? What was learned was easily ignored when it suited the empires prejudices.. Ireland, South Africa, Falklands.. yea, ancient history my ass... It cracks me ups when Brits / Euros take some superficial higher moral ground to the US... Read a history book folks..

Comment Re:If Americans cannot compete with non Americans. (Score 1) 795

An H1-B takes a low paying job that would traditionally go to an entry-level local worker, works for several years, and returns home with enough money live on comfortably for the rest of his life due to the exchange rate.

That's hysterical. I don't know what countries you think all these people come from for that to be possible. Your American dollar is not worth that much to the vast majority of countries.. You need a good education to get a job in America and so American jobs are not being lost to developing nations where your statement might have a chance at relevance. (with the exception of the ones being outsourced by "loyal" American companies which is a far bigger problem.) How long do you think 50k would last in Europe or most of Asia?

Comment Re:Socialist agenda on full display tonite (Score 1) 529

Irishmen exaggerate - I know this because I am one. Low corporation tax has little to do with any of Irelands troubles and those tax rates are a gross exaggeration. Low corporation tax is one of the few things keeping jobs in the country. Google is probably a better resource for accurate information than some bloke you had a chat with at the pub.

Comment Re:If you're on the clock.. (Score 1) 232

haha, your all killing me here. Simply put, We're talking about a delivery company having a device that might make "delivery" of Your package more efficient. hmmm, delivery - GPS, I see a totally reasonable equation there. Common teamsters, find something legit to bitch about. This is Tard!

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