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Comment Don't be a moron!! (Score 2) 156

Windows Insider builds can break stuff, period. I've lost count of the many times I saw this warning while studying the docs and following the procedure to become an Insider.

Yes, I've been burned with a bad video driver once and a bad wireless card driver a couple weeks ago. Shit happens.

If you can't deal with it, then there are a few options:

1. Fall back to the Slow Ring.
2. Do a clean reinstall and stay on Release Preview.
3. Quit the Insider program altogether and do a clean reinstall.

I've used Home Single Language, Pro, and Enterprise, and they all have the option to Defer Updates. All you have to do is follow the news on the Feedback Hub and enable the option when you find something you wouldn't like to install. Bonus points if you're on the Slow Ring, as there are fewer bugs and more time ffor you to receive the update.

Finally, you only have yourself to blame if you entered the Insider program on a production or system-critical PC as opposed to a VR or spare / secondary PC.

Comment 2 reasons for that (Score 1) 406

1. They spend money as fast as they make it, so they can't afford to quit.

2. They can afford to quit the daily grind to pursue something they actually enjoy doing. I know a guy who became an auto mechanic after retiring from a Fortune 100 at a relatively early age, with a handsome retirement plan and a fat bank account, simply because he enjoys working on cars.

Comment Audio (Score 3, Insightful) 114

If it gives me better wireless audio, I'm all for it. Else, it's a gimmick, as I can surely count on one hand the number of times I used Bluetooth (PS3/4 accessories included).

Comment There's an app for that. (Score 1) 102

If you're still in the dark ages of mobile internet and try to do everything through a web browser, you're toast.

I don't do a lot of shopping at all, but the few times I had to buy something from a smartphone, it was a pretty straightforward process as long as I did it through the app. Some apps allow me to scan the barcode of a product to buy more of it. Others let me buy online then use GPS location to find the nearest store to pick it up if I'm on the go. Try that on a desktop.

Comment Do not store songs locally (Score 0) 196

Problem solved.

This is a non issue on desktops, really.

And if you lug around a laptop to listen to Spotify, I guess you have more important things to do on it than listen to music anyway.

The only device where I save songs offline is my smartphone, for when I'm out and about without 4G coverage.

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