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Comment the single, privileged *DYNAMIC* language, that is (Score 2) 235

Maybe my english isn't good enough, but if "dynamic" means "dynamically typed" here, then the sentence as a whole doesn't mean too much. WebAssembly (wasm) is clearly a target for mostly statically typed, compiled languages. And future plans point to direct access to the page DOM and other Web APIs. If this becomes real, I will happily forget about JavaScript for ever..

Comment JavaScript needs no successor, it must step down (Score 1) 300

The freedom to write programs that run pretty much everywhere via the web must not come with being forced to use one language, JavaScript, regardless of how "good" this language is. With asm.js and, hopefully very soon, WebAssembly, we have two compilation targets that should work for most programming languages. Implementing compilers will be quick once the WebAssembly-backend for LLVM really works with browsers. We can then use any langage we like to "script" our web apps:

code in your fav lang --> AST --> LLVM representation --> WASM src --> |(interwebs) --> |(browser) --> WASM binary

Diversity means freedom. And if we push it a little further, we could even end the "spaces vs tabs" and the "curlies vs. indentation blocks" and all the other endless AST representation discussions to rest:

code in your fav lang syntax flavor --> code in your fav lang --> AST ...

All it takes is Editors which support "syntax styles" to present the AST of a language, just like css presents HTML. Hell, in Atom you could probably even do this with an actual css. Oh, and it would take developers who understand that we actually code an AST, not spaces and tabs and curlies and stuff.

P.S.: plz do not reply if you don't know what AST means :-)

Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 1) 49

Rust eliminates or mitigates two classes of common problems:
  1. - data pointers gone crazy (null pointers, memory violations, "illegal" memory overwriting etc.)
  2. - unwanted side effects because of uncontrolled data access from different scopes

It achieves that in a way that doesn't make your program slow or a memory hog, by using

  1. - automatic memory management without a garbage collector
  2. - data ownership/borrowing
  3. - resolving abstractions early (at compile time)

In return, it demands a lot of programming discipline and openness to the new rules that data borrowing imposes on programmers. If you are ready to accept this because you really want correctness and security, then I guess that means that Rust offers you better solutions in a pretty unique way.

Comment I developed a RNG which is a million times faster (Score 1) 119

than conventional ones. It generates billions of random values in parallel, with incredible levels of entropy. I call it "cup of hot tea". I also invented a device capable of simulating three-body gravitational dynamics in real time, and I managed to reduce its power consumption to zero. It consists of two potatoes I throw off my roof. Sure, these are not general purpose computational devices yet, but I'm sure I can fix this in post.

Comment Do NOT let the russians win! (Score 1) 133

Citizen, understand that the DNC breaking its own rules by working for one particular campaign in the primaries is NOT NEWS! If you talk about this, the evil russians win!!!! Accept that the rules are only for you, not for those in office! Stop thinking so much and learn to love exclamation marks!!!!

Regards, The Chosen Few Who Truly Understand

Comment If it isn't falsifiable, it's not Science (Score 2) 387

at least not natural science. Since physics is supposed to be part of natural science, it also isn't physics. String theorists can do their natural philosophy all they want, it certainly is not a "crisis of physics". Just like people who make highly unscientific claims like "there is only one universe".

Comment Re:You look like a gentleman open to the ... unusu (Score 1) 208

It produces C code, so you can know the machine code that is likely to be produced by the C compiler. If you know what machine code your C code will become, which I find quite hard, due to modern optimizations. That shifts the problem to knowing what C code your nim code will be turned into. It would take some learning and experience, and one would have to weigh this against the advantages nim offers, of which the checking described here ist only one.
P.S.: sry for re-posting this while logged in, my anon reply was invisible even when selecting all posts to be displayed. Hope I don't go to /. noob hell for this.

Comment Crooked little deal at the expense of third party (Score 1) 250

Making Volkswagen open a production plant in the US that would have normally been built in some other place is not as much of a punishment for VW as it is for that other place. But as long as you can force VW to give you the jobs and the taxes, you know, screw the auto workers and taxpayers in Otherplace, right? If you want to make this a new standard in your legal system, maybe next time somebody is convicted for assault, make the perpetrator pay a fine by mugging someone the judge really doesn't give a shit about. And now go and vote Trump, because this guy also wants more jobs for the US and shits on moral and legal principles, just like you.

Comment OK world: once and for all.. (Score 3, Interesting) 108

Two things A and B occurring together can have one of these reasons:

1) A is a direct or indirect, exclsive or non-exclusive cause for B.
2) same as 1) with A and B interchanged. I possibly just lost the media croud, but anyway..
3) A and B have a common, direct or indirect, exclusive or non-exclusive, cause C (as in this story).
4) It's just coincidence.

Without further evidence, we just don't know which one it is; and you just jumping to conclusions because you feel like it and then being proven wrong is NOT news.

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