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Comment Re:The problem here is the prick who fired him (Score 4, Informative) 477

> Now here's the thing, the people working at the organisation he was heading thought that was unacceptable behaviour. It's entirely their right, and in fact their duty[*] in some ways to say they won't work at an organisation headed by that guy. The organisation now has a choice: keep the head or keep many of its workers.

FWIW this is factually incorrect. Many people at Mozilla Corp (which Brendan was CEO of) didn't like his position on prop 8, but AFAIK none of them publicly called for his ouster. A handful of staff of the Mozilla Foundation (which Brendan was not part of) did and were in the news; they're probably who you're thinking of.

Comment Re:Some privacy is more equal than other (Score 1) 470

> If you're so goddam Christian, how about you fund Meals On Wheels for all those veterans you're so enamored of chest-thumping about?

Many Meals on Wheels projects are supported by Christian groups, e.g.:
> Meals on Wheels [Calgary] was formed in response to a plea from the Hospital Chaplaincy Committee of the Calgary Presbytery of the United Church.
I personally volunteered for Meals on Wheels work as part of a Christian group.

> How about you fund some inner-city schools instead of starving their funding so you can promote corporate/religious/magnet schools in wealthy neighborhoods?

Christian groups tend to fund their own schools, but there are many that serve poor inner-city areas.

> How about walking some the walk you're so fond of talking the talk about?

Christians and Christian organizations pour enormous resources into charity work. Many of the biggest charities in the USA are Christian.

The blanket assumption that Christians or conservatives (as a whole) do not "walk the walk" is unsustainable.

Comment Ploy to fund boondoggle HPC projects (Score 0) 130

"HPC leadership" by itself is pointless. China owning big computers doesn't put the USA at risk. It's what they do with them that matters, and whatever *that* is, you likely won't neutralize it just by building even bigger computers in the USA.

These HPC people are also glossing over the issue that for most important problems, parallelizing over commodity CPUs connected by commodity networks (i.e. the cloud) is far more cost-effective than the "big iron" shared-memory HPC systems, and via Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the USA completely rules that space.

If the USA needs to build really big shared-memory HPC systems to solve some specific problem connected to China, by all means propose that. General scare-mongering about "HPC leadership" is just an invitation to waste taxpayers' money.

Comment Re:Don't bother - the money is poor and weather sh (Score 1) 195

It's true that you don't come to New Zealand to maximise earnings. People tend to come here for other reasons, mainly lifestyle.

The weather in Wellington is terrible. Auckland's a lot better.

I once met an American neurologist who moved to NZ. She was earning less than half of what she'd been earning in the USA, but was much happier because the healthcare system here is better organised.

A small number of people have high-paying jobs in NZ that pay commensurately with what they'd get overseas. They tend to work remotely on something very specialized where they're practically irreplaceable.

Comment Re:Don't bother - the money is poor and weather sh (Score 1) 195

It is expensive because of imports, but taxes are actually not high. Top income tax rate is 33%, and there's a 12.5% sales tax on almost all goods. (There are no states, therefore no state taxes.) That's significantly lower than the USA especially if you live in a high-tax state like California.

Comment Re:I've switched to Vivaldi (Score 1) 225

That's not true at all. Firefox extends the Chrome extensions API in various places as needed. For example, see the "New APIs" here:
Another example: Firefox has implemented a "sidebar" Webextensions API, Chrome has not.

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