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Comment Re:Where does all the money go? (Score 1) 144

That doesn't follow. Sometimes you lose market share for reasons entirely outside your control.

Even when you lose market share due to factors under your control, it doesn't necessarily follow that you made bad decisions. You have to make decisions under uncertainty and sometimes the best decisions given the data available don't turn out to be the best in hindsight.

And even when you lose market share because of decisions you should have known are bad, it doesn't necessarily follow that those are the same decisions that some subset of people ranted about on the Internet.

Comment Re:Where does all the money go? (Score 1) 144

There are many possible causes of marketshare decline, some of which are not under Mozilla's control ... Google properties saying "works best with Chrome!", for example. So it's difficult to know how much of the decline is due to, say, browser UI changes.

It's also difficult to know how what would have happened had no changes been made. It's pretty clear that *some* users would only be satisfied if Mozilla had made no UI changes since 2001, which would clearly not be winning.

Comment Re:Its... (Score 1) 559

You should do some more reading.

Europe suffered a massive setback in the first millenium AD, but it wasn't a religious issue, it was the fall of the Roman Empire. Trade, law and order collapsed and took centuries to recover. Many books and much knowledge was lost. Where were books copied and knowledge most often preserved? Monasteries!

Edward Gibbon blames Christianity for the collapse of the Roman Empire, but I don't think that's what most people have in mind when blaming Christianity for the Dark Ages, and his thesis is not popular today.

Christian institutions sometimes did bad things that held back progress. But in other ways Christianity also fostered progress. It's incredibly important to remember that Europe != the world, and that in the second millenium AD Christian Europe opened up a huge scientific lead over every other culture in the world.

Comment Re:What about Firefox's declining market share? (Score 1) 129

You say there is a "complete lack of action" at Mozilla but you just have to look at the source repo, or the public forums, or blogs, to see that that's far from the case. So you clearly haven't looked at all.

Claiming "Rust doesn't really improve on C++14" shows that you don't understand the important innovations in Rust (e.g. strong ownership invariants and memory safety guarantees).

Claiming "all of the unwanted changes made to Firefox starting with Firefox 4" are a complete explanation for loss of market share, ignoring the entrance of Chrome and its relentless improvement and super-aggressive marketing by Google, is one-eyed nonsense.

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