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Comment Re:God's experiment in free will (Score 1) 1226

Well most parents don't witness the death of their children - those that do claim it to be pretty unpleasant. Hell we have a hard enough time facing the end of beloved pets. So god is doing this all the time and watching people make mistakes and pay terrible costs all in the name of his free will experiment. You'd think he'd have gathered enough data by now.... He's just doing it out of sheer bloodyminded-ness now, or he's not (and never has) because it's all bullshit....

I know which way occam's razor slices...

Comment Re:God's experiment in free will (Score 1) 1226

Hmm I would say that rather than providing comfort religious orders realized they could profit (or at least generate enough income for a comfortable life for its insiders) from those understandable fears. Otherwise how to explain the way they like to multiply the fears by ascribing catastrophes and tragedies to either the devil or gods anger with the world. But, sure, follow their rules and hand over your cash and a eternity of happiness wil be yours. (though an eternity of sitting around cheering on god while he mindfucks the current population of the planet sounds like hell to me...)

Comment Re:Prove your absurd prices (Score 1) 1303

You seem to be operating with a pre-transnationalist mindset.

Large corporations have moved beyond worrying about the fate of individual nations. (why do you think apple associates more with California?) The world is their market. And pitting one nation against another is just good business. I'm actually sympathetic to a dissolution of national borders as the current division encourages this corporate degradation of workers rights and allows capital more free movement than people which I believe is abhorrent.

Comment What patents are supposed to be for... (Score 1) 250

Patents were invented to make trade secrets public for the betterment of society - for example some enterprising engineer comes up with a method for making super strong steel - just looking at the end result doesn't give you any clue and if the engineer kept it as a trade secret the method might go with her to her grave - thus hurting society. She taking out a patent means that society gets to learn how to do it and she is rewarded for sharing by getting extra compensation from licensing the patent to other engineers.

Location-based reminders is not a significant advance by that definition.... and should not be patentable IMHO. All the necessary patentable advances were in the GPS system etc upon which this simple and obvious idea is built. Makes me sick how much this system is abused.

Doesn't it feel like almost every societal tool has been switched into reverse these days?


Comment Re:This is a software thing (Score 1) 556

I agree the handling of Final Cut Pro X was a fiasco - but I don't think Apple was wrong to rebuild it. The app was creaking antique - that yes ran - but was built on a bunch of old tech foundations. Apple has a bunch of new tech that Final Cut could only leverage with a complete rebuild. Why they didn't rename it "Final Cut Pro Classic" or something and indicate that FCP X was the future path and transition over people who could now and add features for the Pros over time and gradually transition them too? I have no idea. An insurgent product wouldn't immediately end the sales of the market leader - they could have competed with themselves for a while.

Very strange.

Comment Re:Apple is going where the money is... (Score 1) 556

Apple goes where the market is heading and they like to think that their toughest competitor is themselves which is why they regularly subvert the established market (including their own products). They're constantly trying to be the outsider carving out a new niche. They've seen what happens when you become complacent: your products stagnate, your users oppose any change (Adobe?, Microsoft?) - this makes you vulnerable to hungry entrants who have nothing to lose (Apple?)

IT is the worst market for Apple because they hate surprises. They want slow, steady increments in functionality - with road maps they can budget for. And they're going to beat you down in price because IT is a commodity market.

Apple's always on the hunt for something new and they're willing to piss people off to find it.

Comment Re:Apple is just lucky.... (Score 2) 260

Seriously? Even here on Slashdot where we know how to use the inter-tubes?

"The first successful commercial GUI product was the Apple Macintosh, which was heavily inspired by PARC's work; Xerox was allowed to buy pre-IPO stock from Apple, in exchange for engineer visits and an understanding that Apple would create a GUI product. Much later, in the midst of the Apple v. Microsoft lawsuit in which Apple accused Microsoft of violating its copyright by appropriating the use of the "look and feel" of the Macintosh GUI, Xerox also sued Apple on the same grounds. The lawsuit was dismissed because the presiding judge ruled "that Xerox's complaints were inappropriate for a variety of legal reasons," although it is commonly believed that Xerox simply waited too long to file suit, and the statute of limitations had expired. This was not actually true; the dismissal of Xerox's legal complaint was not based simply on late filings, but rather a lack of legal merit to Xerox's case as it was presented."

Jeez - is Google search so hard? There's no excuse for uninformed opinion and urban legends any more. It just shows a pathetic amount of laziness...

Comment Re:This can only shake out one way! (Score 1) 113

They're not hardware makers any more - they're hardware designers that outsource manufacturing to Chinese and Taiwanese contractors - (in fact the same people Apple use) - and mostly outsource software to Google (we'll see what comes of WebOS - but seeing how HP missed the opportunity to get behind consumer Unix in the past I'm not hopeful).

Apple at least control their destiny on software and are locking up hardware supplies to control that too... The rest are left scrambling for scraps...

Comment Re:This can only shake out one way! (Score 1) 113

Here's the weird thing about hardware manufacturing - it's pretty much all contracted out to third parties - meaning Apple (unlike Nintendo say - who are an anachronism) have access to pretty much the entire tablet manufacturing capacity of the planet. This is very different from when Apple (and HP and whoever else - seems most computer manucturers are gone) had their own factories that limited their capacity.

So the other tablet "manufacturers" are competing with Apple for those resources - except Apple is the one with the mind-share and the deep pockets. So unless Apple misses big with a product no-one wants to buy, there's no manufacturing reason why Apple can't beat all the other companies IMHO. It's all about design and network effects - which Apple has in spades.

It's going to be an interesting next few years... (reaches for popcorn).

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