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Comment Fixed? (Score 2) 130

Now that we know where it is, and a rough idea on what's wrong, I wonder if we can send something down to get Beagle operational. I know it would most likely be more efficient to send out a new probe witht he same abilities (like we have), but I like the idea of fixing something on Mars.

Comment Re:Are people sick of the MPAA? (Score 2) 400

Where I live there are 3 choices for movies: 1: Market Square. This is a 2nd run movie theater, with tickets that cost $2.50 - $3.00 per person. I typically see films here if I missed them in the first run theaters, or if I don't think the movie isn't worth full ticket price. My standards are a lot lower when I'm only spending $3. 2: Main theaters. First run. Tickets are ~ $10 per person. Your typical modern movie hell. Lots of ads, crowds, etc. It's rare that I make it to one of these theaters. I think the last time was for a special Rifftrax showing of Godzilla. 3: Sundance. First run arthouse, with a few mainstream releases. Tickets are ~ $12, but seats are reserved, and there are no ads. Also the concession stand sells good beer. Movies actually start when advertised. If I'm going to spend the money to see a movie, this is where I go. The gist of this is if you want me to go to a movie, either make the tickets much cheaper, or make the experience much better.

Comment Re:Advance to Go (Score 2) 155

The one time I had fun playing Monopoly was when we did it Iluminati style. Lots of deals going on around the table "I'll sell you this piece of land for x+ a discount on any future costs if I land on the space". That sort of thing.

Comment Re:Strategy over luck (Score 2) 155

Can't say for Catan (haven't played it yet), but at least for ticket to ride there are multiple scoring oppertunities at the end of the game, which I think keeps the final winner up in the air. IMO, TTR does a great job with the luck factor. You can choose to try to be lucky in drawing cards, or go the safer route by choosing face-up cards. I made the mistake of playing Talisman again after many years. That game has not aged well. Way too random, with very little strategy allowed.

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