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Comment Re:It doesn't cost any more to serve more data (Score 1) 479

> What I don't applaud is the blatant gouging. The prices should be roughly 100 times lower than the ones they are offering.

The ISP's costs are still probably about 1GB for maybe $0.01. But this is just simple demand and supply. The demand is increasing and the supply is not. If you are the monopoly and you can control the supply (which they can) then they can dictate the price.

It's not any different than a baseball star limiting the number of signed baseballs he gives to fans every year (say 10) while keeping 10,000 more in his closet.

Comment Re:rather have money (Score 3) 524

That's also the reason that startups are usually run by people in their 20's. Once you get above 40, life changes a bit, you begin to worry about heart attacks, prostate cancer and the like, and actually rely upon good medical insurance given by a company.

You need at least $250k in the bank if you have a heart attack and have no insurance. A 20-something doesn't worry about that.

Imagine if the US gets single payer healthcare. Startups won't be for just the 20-somethings anymore.

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