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Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 249

Yes, offcourse stamps are anonymous... the letter with an to: and a from: address are not. Even those anonymous stamps are bought, payed with plastic? traceable...

And just because snailmail is becoming more rare, sms-stamps are a good thing. When people sent snailmail more regulary they always had a supply of stamps in their home within reach. Now with the one or two snailmails you send per year you first have to either buy stamps because the old ones got misplaced over the course of a year, or spend time searching for them because you don't use them that much anymore.... happend to me with the two letters i sent last year ;-)

Comment Re:Slashdot is getting old in the teeth... (Score 1) 290

[quote]As for distance -- we're talking about wireless links. You completely missed the point and your post is still rated Insightful? WTF?[/quote]

Indeed, when i read his post i could only conclude two things, people still don't RTFA. Second, people with mod-points stopped reading the fucking posts too ...

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 4, Interesting) 334

[quote] No. Did he say "wipe Israel off the map?" No. To quote his exact words in Farsi: "Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad." No such idiom exists in Persian, and Ahmadinejad actually just quoted an old speech of Khomeini in which he said “The occupation regime (over Jerusalem) must vanish from the page of time.” [/quote]

Maybe people who say things like: "The occupation regime (over Jerusalem) must vanish from the page of time.” Should stop being suck fucking morons and stop saying shit like that because things like that will be interpreted by a lot of people fanatic muslims, anti-muslims, the whole western world , and a lot of people i forget to mention here, as: "We should wipe Israel of the map"

It can either be that he is to dumb to realize that quotes like that will just flame the hatred because people interpret it as calls for agression, but my guess is that if he's got the brain to get to be leader of a country, he fully realizes that...

You can be all 'he didn't say that, and he meant it in a good way' but that's bullshit... He knows he says thing that can be interpreted in a wrong way.... even if he doesn't comprehend that he shouldn't lead a country anyway....

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 222

The simple two step program to keep your windows computer 100% virus is still:

1. Turn it off.
2. It's safe.

But seriously, when I started my CS major we had a professor tell us about computer security and the one thing he told us that still sticks every day is that he said: 'The only computer that is not hackable is turned off and stored in a safe with the keys trown away, and still then you'll have creative minds who'll get your data out of it'. Sure it a hassle on useability but the same can be said for Windows and virusses. You can lock down and protect the shit out of it but it will impact your useability of the system. A lot of things you can do without like users installing whatever the hell 'dancing bunnies apps' they like that day, but sometimes there are things that are needed that will either have you give in on security or useability, or in worst case both. In that case always make sure you have a fallback so that a virus can't be the main cause of your ambulance dispatch service going down for a couple of days.

Comment Re:one to many (Score 1) 550

No it's comparing marketshare of two different paltforms. Android and iOS. It doesn't matter if iOS has only 1 phone and Android a gazzilion phones. Differentiating between an HTC Android or a Samsung Android would be the same as saying that a black, blue, red and white iPhone (pun intended) are four different phones. I mean that's what your doing. It's only because Apple has only one phone on the iOS platform the terms "iOS-platform" and "iPhone" are used interchangeably. In that sense it's completely fair to compare 'iPhone' with 'Android phone'.

Comment Re:Using the law to fix technical shortcomings (Score 1) 93

I guess it works both ways, it's the users who don't know anything about security and will run every script and executable to get their rocks off on some twinkeling-stars-and-nice-cute-bunny-free-game-with-an-option-to-win-an-iPad-program. But i've used Linux since slackware 7.1 through 12.1 and then switch shortly to Debian and then to Ubuntu. Since i made the switch from Slack I never downloaded any scripts if i wanted to install a program. With Slack i did that sometimes when it made installation and/or configuration easier. But since i started using Debian/Ubuntu and installing software goes through repositories i never downloaded scripts/executables from unknown sources. I know people maybe could get spy/spam-ware in the official repo's too, but it's more difficult.
I still can download stuff from unknown sources and install it, but if i can do that it implies that i at least know a tiny bit of what i'm doing. Education of users is much easier starting from that point than from a Windows-world where downloading form unknown/shady sources is commonplace.
But you are right. It starts with user education. And if somebody waves a magic wand and tomorrow suddenly 95% of people use Linux instead of Windows, and they do that with the same mindset as they are used to, we will have a problem. But since conversion from Windows goes slowly there is a chance to educate users to the point that they become a bit more securiry aware, and get them in a bit of a different mindset.

Comment Re:Defense in depth (Score 1) 440

Yeah... but... The whole thing in spambots is that the infected computer is the server and sends the spam because when spam comes from 10.000 different computers spread over 9.000 different internet providers it's hard to block. The whole idea of infecting computers and turning them into spambots is useless if all the spambots send their spam to one host which in turn sends it out over port 25... Simply blocking that one host will block all the spam from those 10.000 infected computers... So infected computers will send it out over port 25...

So in short he's not that retarded...

Comment Re:stating the obvious... (Score 1) 440

When your printer phones home, a desktop firewall doens't help when your printer is directly on the network and a whole lot of printers are nowadays especially when one had more than one computer at home. Heck cheap deskjets have wifi nowadays...

Another is that the average home user doesn't know shit about computers so almost all dynamic firewalls are absolutely useless in that case for blovking outgoing connection. Whenever the dynamic firewall asks 'Do you want to allow application X to connect to the internet' the users click OK, especially when it asks for it again and again whenever you click 'No'... Which malware progs do since they easily connect to more than one outgoing ports and the desktop fireall sees it as an 'new' connection...

Comment Re:I'm all for it (Score 1) 832

Those locked chips are locked to ensure they are not going to go haywire. When computer chips are made say 1800Mhz they are always going to perform reliable at speeds around that speed. Say 1790 and 1810. The ones that come off the production line that only work reliable at 1720 are sold as 1700Mhz chips. The ones that perform reliable at 1890 are sold as 1900Mhz chips.

Nowadays with multicore chips they have the option to bake a CPU with say 4 cores. If a core doesn't work reliable due to production issues, which always some chips do, they have the choice to either toss them away, or sell them with the flaky core locked out as tripe core CPU's. Some times the locked core works fine with regular home use, but not in stress tests at the production facility. If that is the case you can unlock the core at home and hope it doesn't go haywire with intensive use...

Has something to do with the way they are made. On a wafer. With dozens of CPU's at once. When producing a wafer always some CPU's are broken from the start, some work perfectly and others work perfectly but only at lower speeds... It's not deliberate crippling it's a production process with a margin of

That's why every CPU can be overclocked but always to different speeds. If you bought a 1800 cpu that performed reliable at 1825 but was still sold as an 1800Mhz cpu, you'll probably can overclock it with extra cooling to say 1895. Another which only worked reliable until 1801 you can probably only overclock reliable to 1870.

It's not knowingly crippling good CPU's it's a consequence of production process that not all chips are 100% of what they are intended to be. But that doesn't work in the store. They can't sell CPU's to customers and say. Well here's a CPU and say: "it works at 1800-ish MHZ". They have to ensure that if they SAY it's a 1800Mhz, it will work at minimal 1800Mhz.

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