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Comment Re:I don't mean to belittle this (Score 1) 177

As far As I saw in the documentary with David Letterman Solar in the USA is being taken out back and shot - thats the only reason why solar isn't taking off in the US and why it doesn't make sense.
I do wish that all the solar power engineers out of a job in the states think about emigrating to India - a kind of reverse brain drain.

Comment Re:That radar really worked well in florida eh elo (Score 1) 166

Basically if you agree to the ToS you are telling Tesla - go ahead and experiment on me I won't sue you. If you are not interested in doing that don't use the functionality. I bet the first gentleman who was killed by the trailer very much subscribed to this philosophy because he was genuinely interested and intrigued by the technology and what it could do. He took the chance and paid a price... hopefully he paid it gladly but he knew what he was doing and the risk he was taking because he posted a near miss video on you tube and as per the articles around him he was genuinely proud of his Tesla.

If this guy on the other hand is trying to blame autopilot for his own mistake then he should not get a chance to spoil it for everyone else.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 634

So maybe it depends on if you are a country with few local jobs so you can ship the excess labor to some other country. the country that ships the people suddenly has a much higher employment index and the place where they go to has a lower one. basically it levels the score so that the more advanced nations suffer and the least advanced nations will prosper.

Comment Re: How about you support HR 4269, ban massacre to (Score 1) 189

This doesn't happen in countries where you can't get your hands on a gun without sweating blood.
Having draconian gun laws stops lone gunman massacres cold. It does not stop terrorist massacres because they generally have access to illegal weaponry but this kind of thing would be stopped. Just looking at the frequency at which this happens in the states compared with say India should show you that US gun laws are lethal and gun control is non existent. Anyone who really wants a gun can get one.

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