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Comment Re:Shouldn't the title read.... (Score 1) 191

In this case it is essential that the owner of the system take all possible precautions not to provide open access which is why there are disclaimers on every login banner on commercial servers. If the owner of the device has an option to enforce strict voice recognition but does not do so they are liable . It is like leaving your wifi unprotected and them having a random terrorist send death threat from your home wifi. You will be found negligent and hence culpable and you will not be able to prosecute anyone using your unsecured resources. Onus is on you to prove you did not leave your devices unprotected to allow burger king to incorporate it in their advertising. Google should allow incorporation of a passphrase along with strict voice recognition.

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

Except the law applies to refusal of carriage for overbooking and they did not refuse him carriage. they let him sit in his seat and then at a later point of time tried to eject him. At that point He had already been boarded and hence this was not legal. It would have been legal if they did not allow him to board but once boarded they cannot legally offload you because they want your seat.Only if you give them cause which he did not until they tried to offload him.

Comment Re:Who are you talking about? (Score 1) 251

Why wouldn't you want an electric car if it is as convenient and comparable monetarily as a gas one - starts every day with a full tank of gas , can be supercharged anywhere , has phenomenal acceleration, good safety and good smarts.
The Model 3 is likely to be that car and I can see it becoming the next style icon. So the market is potentially the whole world .

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