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Comment Irvine is wrong on most counts (Score 1) 317

Jerry Irvine is wrong on most of the points he makes. Just to correct some of them:

1. The PAN (the primary account number) is not enciphered on a chip card.

2. If you have a chip reader and easily-found software, you can recover the card PAN easily and quickly.

3. Cards do not provide support for "unlimited number of transactions" - as almost all cards have amount and velocity limits.

4. Most transactions will go online to the card issuing bank for authorization - allowing for lost and stolen cards to be blocked.

5. Each purchase with a chip card does not "create a separate token". He appears to be confusing tokenization with cryptography, though it's hard to know exactly what he means.

6. Issuing banks do not create tokens. Instead, they are created by a Token Service Provider, usually an independent third-party.

7. A partial EMV implementation would have mitigated against certain segments of the Target fraud. A full implementation, with PCI, industry-wide, would have mitigated against much more.

8. Mobile payment systems, in general, today, do not provide higher levels of security than chip cards.

Documentation on most of the above is freely available from EMVCo's website at

Mr Irvine's four minutes are, as a whole, inaccurate and unhelpful.


Submission + - Non-religious groups organize whiparound for Haiti ( 1

robindch writes: Spurred by the horrific suffering in Haiti, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS) has joined forces with many other non-religious, atheist, skeptic, freethought and similar groups, to collect donations to non-religiously-aligned relief organizations, namely the Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières) and the International Red Cross. 100% of the donation will be go to these charities, since Dawkins will personally donate a sum to cover the cost of the Paypal transaction fees (capped at $10,000), meaning that more of your money will reach the people in need. When donating via Non-Believers Giving Aid, you are helping to counter the myth that only the religious care about their fellow-humans.

Comment Re:Anyone still using Visual Studio 6? (Score 1) 236

Yep, still using VC6 ten years and half a million lines of C++ later. Don't want to, but heavens above, it's a productive, fast and rock-solid environment. I've installed the later compilers and got my gear up and running. Kind of. But the later compilers feel flaky, jerky and brittle. And none of them have ClassWizard, which which you can drive with the keyboard. Fast.

I'll install VC2010 and who knows, perhaps I'll switch. I'd like to, but MS, please make it easy!

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