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Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem. (Score 1) 91

Sorry, I don't recall an agent named "Retief" in Get Smart. Was he a Control agent or KAOS agent? Was he like Hymie or human? Either way, you would fail the stringent testing and mental evaluation that all Control agents must pass to become one of the few...the proud...the Control Agents. "Go in your office and close the door." What nonsense is that?!?!?! Looks like you missed it... by THAT much. B-)

Comment Re:Remember, folks... (Score 1) 328

Balance young padawan. You must have balance. (And some common sense.) You point out a potentially extreme view concerning infrastructure security and in doing so, you find yourself at the opposite extremity. Aren't you watching 24 Season 7? That's exactly what the evil warlords of Sangala did! Man!! I can't believe you weren't aware of that. Wake up man! wake up!!! :)

Comment Re:Oh, Apple - What's new???? (Score 1) 332

my5sense on this.... I don't know why people are just now starting to hate Apple. I've hated them for quite some time now. :) While they haven't reached the HATECON Level 1 that MS has, they are still a rangy bunch of arrogant, money-greedy technologists that enforce their will upon the masses. "We'll inactivate your iPhone that YOU bought with YOUR money if we find it's been unlocked." "We won't sell anyting at the Apple Store that actually generates healthy competition with any of our applications, because we only want you to buy our apps, and we don't want competitors to influence what we develop, we want to figure that out on our own." How about this one: "We'll release this fantastic phone, but not release a SDK so that you HAVE to use only what we put on the phone and if we don't sell it, you don't deserve to have it." (on YOUR phone.) Granted I know the 3G phone changed that somewhat, but it was because people were outraged. Maybe we need to be outraged over this - if in fact it's legitimate. That's all been crap - it's just the diehard Apple people defend that monopolistic (I may have invented a word just now.) business methodology, WHILE BASHING MS. They are both about nothing but money and dominance. (I love capitalism) If it means screwing us - in terms of software availablility, or creating and maintaining competitive markets that ignite fantastic software/hardware development like we have never seen in the past 20 years, then so be it. Apple isn't really different on the outside, but the same cold, sinister heart that beats in Redmond beats at Cupertino. They are just different and therefore assumed to be the good guy, while Bill & company are the bad guys. I say #)$*Q#&$! They are all bad. Not to mention a comment that MAY have been directed at Palm for IP theft in regards to the Pre. (maybe it was, maybe it wasn't) Let's face it - Apple may not be the Evil Emperor, but they make a dang good Darth Vader. Let's see if in the end, they allow themselves to be redeemed. W3C

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