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Comment Re:opensource (Score 1) 67

Ive been looking for a product similar to google apps but theres nothing out there thats "free" that allows me to do this for our work environment. Budgets are tight, yo!

I also took a look at Alfresco for a sharepoint alternative but that doesnt integrate incredibly well with office so that you can check out items. It does document control pretty well though.

My main reasoning for google apps was because it allows collaborative editing. If this adds it like the summary says it will, I would test it out immediately.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549

When I went thru driving school, it was a 2 semester class. You couldnt take drivers ed unless you had sufficient grades in your other classes. Drivers ed consisted of written, simulation(horrible) and road driving. We were tested on the small roadways, highways, merging, changing lanes, emergency braking, etc. Our road test with the IDOT(Illinois Dept of Trans), we had a road test and written test. I dont remember how long intense it was but you couldnt take unless you passed drivers or a similar driving school.

While this may have changed, I have hard time believing that we are now the bottom of the barrel and they just hand out drivers licenses to anyone with a car. The Germany thing is pretty interesting, I think thats something that should be taught in school regardless so you got us there.

Lake County
Libertyville High School

Comment Re: Fuck atheists (Score 1) 284

I found it interesting that it wasn't included. While I can appreciate them wanting to not try and add fuel to flames of hate towards Muslims, it's clear it was an important detail to have included. Otherwise, we are left wondering WHY he was murdered and not that he had been.(going off summary, who has time to read article?!)

Comment Re:carsickness (Score 3, Insightful) 435

I would find it detrimental to not have windows for one reason alone, being able to see THRU cars. Think about driving behind a large truck/van/other large vehicle that you cant see past. Thing of how hard it is to know whats directly in front of you beyond that other car. Then, think about when youre pulling out a parking lot where you need to see past the car next to you to gauge the traffic coming from that direction. If youre in a smaller car, you need to inch up to see over their hood, with windowless cars, EVERY car would need to start inching up.

TL;dr - Windows are not purely for the passenger of the car, they also provide visibility thru the car.

Comment Re:Who will win? (Score 0) 176

How come someone who says something positive about a company is labeled as a shill? Should i say the same about you and being a shill for taxis?

Also, I used it this weekend in the US. So it certainly is not shut down in the US. You can says its shut down in parts of the US but not as a whole.

Comment Re: Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 417

I don't understand the need to defend PC as personal computer(which you're right, it does) when that last 30 years has shown it to mean windows/x86 compatible.

Yes, we all understand PC means personal computer which every computer is that someone owns.

If you try and take software labeled as PC compatible and load it onto a non-windows machine, what happens?

Comment Re:Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 417

Just like it used to be IBM\PC compatible. Its a term thats developed over the years to mean x86 architecture/windows based machines since Macs werent. It was easier to tell what was compatible without having to know specifics. It will in the for-seeable future still refer to Windows machines even tho Macs are on x86 architecture now.

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