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Comment Re:no company should settle over this (Score 2) 286

dec 2006. 2 weeks before steve jobs even unveiled the iphone.. take a look at this picture on the following website this following is from... june 2006 6 months before iphone unveiled. "Stuart Robinson at Strategy Analytics said, "The touch screen market in cellphones is nearly ready to take off, but before it can do so certain conditions must be met. First, the cost of touch screen technology must shrink from $5-10 dollars to under $3. Second, revenue-generating applications must be developed to differentiate touch screen devices from menu or icon driven phones. Finally the market requires a catalyst, such as the presence of an iconic touch screen phone in a Hollywood blockbuster, to generate demand." Strategy Analytics forecasts that "touch screen interfaces for mobile phones will remain at under 2 percent of total devices until such a catalytic event occurs, predicted to be at the end of 2007, at which point rapid growth will ignite interest in touch screen phones, growing the market to around 40 percent by 2012." Stephen Entwistle at Strategy Analytics added, "We expect most demand to come from finger-sensitive technology built into high-end feature phones. This will be a significant shift from today's wireless PDA segment, where most stylus-driven touch screen devices can be found." not only apple thought about making touchscreens finger tip sensitive. where then you need areas of design (think icons on your desktop) to know where to press your finger. so how are icons new and innovative?

Comment no company should settle over this (Score 1) 286

it would be insane to settle over such a sham of a verdict. this judge and jury reminds me of the older movies that portrayed justice down south back in the 50's and 60's. like in those movies their minds were made up already at the beginning of the trial just because it was a "good ole local boy against someone else of a different race. not being allowed to show that samsung had already had a smart phone in a open and legally unpatentable rectangular shape before the iphone release is crazy. i had an ipaq 4155 back in 2002. pretty much rectangular. touchscreen. internet browser. mp3 capabilities of playback. bluetooth. wifi. and had skype calling in 2004. so, you cant patent obvious.... the obvious part for apple is to incorporate a cellphone antenna inside. but too bad cellphone antennas were already inside cellphones. so cellphone antennas weren't something new. my cellphone back then (before iphones) had a button on it with the shape of a handset cut into it with a green background. so, taking a phone without any calling buttons on it , and then putting a shape of a handset on a green field.... ? how is that considered new and innovative? that is just an obvious use. (remember, obvious means un-patentable)

Comment WebOS fail? (Score 1) 64

when i see that 275 more have been let go, that means there was even more on this project. With that kind of staff i feel like they did a horrible job developing webos. when i look at developers like the guys at CyanogenMod or other developers like that. that are putting out great software with only donations, it makes me wonder.........

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