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Comment Doesn't sound like any Uber drivers I know or have (Score 4, Interesting) 726

They all seem grateful for the work and only work as much as they want. Also a taxi license plate sells for $125k in my Soviet Canadian city - Uber is a great deal for those needing a bit extra here. I would seriously consider it if I got sick of my business.

Comment Funny... (Score 1) 142

What happens when you actually make good movies that aren't all trailer fluff that people actually want to see. Even though I still haven't seen Suicide squad, I just felt that I had to see Captain America, Rogue One, and I was amazed at how well done Jungle Book was. I am sure piracy is still big, but those were really people who probably wouldn't pay for a movie ticket anyways.

Comment Let's just start testing already (Score 1) 477

Admittedly, this probably isn't breaking physics, we just don't fully understand it. But I think the best way is to may build some small probes, launch them, and see what happens. I remember reading an article on here years ago about someone wanting to send probes the size of a can of pop to Titan and try and get through the ice cap and see what the hell is underneath. Personally I'd love to see this combined with better communication satellites (after all we are going to need wifi on Mars someday) so we can blast out a ton of probes and have them get us good data in a timely manner. I know putting satellites around say Jupiter might sound silly, but for a probe like Voyager I trying to phone home it has to look for something that is like 1/100 the brightness of a lightbulb, whereas if we had a network of comm equipment through the solar system I think it opens up a lot of exploration possibilities.

Comment I can see why (Score 0) 176

I love open source and no it isn't cheap or easy to develop or maintain - but I honestly feel that Open Office/Libre Office has done nothing in 10 years to really improve compatibility. Many .doc and even .docx files still look like garbage in OOo or Libre Office, and the reality is that the MS Office format dominates the business world. Also, I think MS did a really nice job with Win 10 until thee most recent anniversary update.

Comment UBI makes sense but needs some strings attached (Score 1) 1116

I think that there is enough wealth out there that we could provide a basic support to those in need, and should not be an excuse to discourage others from working - I think it would be a great top up though. And while many people would abuse it, many more would use it to improve their lives. Sure it would be tempting to sit at home and play video games, but after 2 or 3 days I would go nuts. I think people don't want to be poor or stuck in a crap job, and maybe even want to launch a business of some sort, or further their education - this could also mean a lot to the non-profit sector which currently faces declining funding; imagine NGOs basically having free labour and the good they could produce, especially when poverty would basically be eliminated for many of their clients. Having said that, I think some strings do need to be attached, because the reality is that people will mismanage their own money or outright abuse the system. There could be a work or drug-free type program (I believe in Australia welfare recipients need to pass a drug test), but I would hate to be the child of someone on welfare who failed a piss test. I think the resources exist and if managed properly the benefits could outweigh the costs - imagine the reduction in overhead if there was no more welfare/disability/etc. and just one central department - but just blindly handing out money without some sort of requirement probably isn't a solution just because we can do it.

Comment Shut up and take my money! (Score 1) 288

As a parent here is some simple math 2 tickets almost $30 (not 3D or IMAX or anything) Babysitter - $30-$40 Snacks - $20 Not missing something awesome because I have to go to the washroom (let's assume this thing has hi-tech functions like pause and rewind) then great, although I would really like a $75 package that includes a digital copy once the blu ray or whatever hits the stores, because it irks me that if I want to watch something in 3D or IMAX, by the time I factor in babysitters its almost $100 for a 2 hour movie that I get to watch ONCE.

Comment Dyson Swarn (Score 1) 412

Sure I am dreaming big here, and this is probably some kind of natural phenomena we have never observed before, but why a sphere and not a swarm? OK so if 22% is only covered, this thing looks to be moving, and their Sun is a lot larger than ours, than maybe it is just a Dyson swarm. I mean how much energy do you really need? Regardless, I feel that cool observations like these merit better observation. I know that this thing is ridiculously far away, but why aren't we building tech to launch small probes (maybe the size of baseballs) and communication satellites around other planets - I mean eventually we will need something like Internet access on Mars, Saturn, etc.., so can we have a network of tech to help us gather better data, and gather it quicker? We could be launching small probes at very high speeds, even if its just to the edge of our solar system, and probably be learning some very cool things. I just feel that even if this is some kind of alien megastructure, we won't be able to gather enough proof to make anyone happy. Sure its far away, but imagine that maybe it was only 5 or 10 light years away. Would we really be able to gather the data we need to make an informed decision?

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