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Comment Re:How do you get cheaper than free? (Score 5, Informative) 245

Hell, it's not even cost effective to switch to another SQL database like PostgreSQL.

Can you imagine the downtime required to export Facebook from MySQL and to re-import it to another database? The users would go ballistic!

I don't expect any "earth shattering" movement by any of the big users in the near future.

I'm involved in a project that involves moving databases. We write each transaction to both the old and new structure using our data access layer, then export historic data and eventually, once we've verified the new system is working as expected, remove the old structure from the data access layer. This is the main reason data access layers are used.

Comment Re:Might wait to see if this turns out to be true (Score 1) 369

Sounds like what intel have been doing to processors for years. If its cheaper to make millions of 1 better processor than more models but less volume of each, you need to differentiate on price to keep profit high and allow the people who would use the cheaper models still able to afford it. So they cripple some of the processors and sell them at reduced price. Its just the company taking advantage of economies of scale. If they couldn't, theyd have to increase the price of the lowest models to design them from scratch with reduced performance or reduce profits!

Comment Simple (Score 2, Interesting) 510

I'm an electronic engineer and I could have told you that the relationship between blade length and efficiency is non-linear. We learnt that at uni. People really need to get over their attitudes against the sight of large wind turbines. It is the only efficient way of doing this. Being a brit, large wind farms over here are a more difficult sell as we are quite limited for space, however several projects are being undertaken. In the states, you have the desert which seems a perfect area to locate your wind farms, dependant on wind levels. Get your hands off the oil :p

Comment Definition of God (Score 1) 469

I'm writing a book on social provocation amongst other things. I personally use the word god a lot like UFO. By definition if I cannot identify a flying object, it is a UFO. Once it is identified, it is not a UFO any more. Using the definition of god as a system beyond our scientific grasp of reality, then I believe in god. A discussion of god providing further clarity and definition can then begin and change with the advancement of science. As a scientist and engineer, a common basic understanding between parties is necessary to prevent non-constructive argument. I believe this has led to a lot of the difficulties in the past, creating contradictory views. Stop it please.

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