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Submission + - First of 33 trapped Chilean miners reaches surface (

suraj.sun writes: Rescuers clap and cheer as the first miner to be rescued, Florencio Avalos, 31, leaves the capsule and steps onto the surface for the first time in about 68 days. After hugging several people, he is put on a stretcher and wheeled into a nearby triage center.


CNN Live Stream:

Comment Re:I love the wording in the above translation. (Score 3, Insightful) 293

There's a catch in the project tho', in one of the paragraphs says: "May not limit the right of a user to enter or use any class of instruments, devices or appliances on the network, provided they are legal and that they do not damage or harm the network or service quality." The last line can be used by ISPs saying that you're "damaging the network" with your computer. Now we need to wait for the government to pass the law, and then enforce it.
The Internet

Submission + - Chilean congress towards net neutrality (

rmaureira writes: Chilean Chamber of Deputies approved today a new law project (99 yes, 0 no, 1 abstention) that will include network neutrality in our telecommunications legislation. The law project now is ready to be signed as law by the President, as it is already approved by our Senate.
One on the most relevant paragraphs in the law states that: "(ISP) could not arbitrarily block, interfere, discriminate, hinder or restrict the right of any Internet user to use, send, receive, or offer any content, application, or service (as long it is legitimate) through Internet, along with any other activity or legitimate use". Another article in spanish can be found here


AT&T Breach May Be Worse Than Initially Thought 102

ChrisPaget writes "I'm somewhat of an authority on GSM security, having given presentations on it at Shmoocon (M4V) and CCC (I'm also scheduled to talk about GSM at this year's Defcon). This is my take on the iPad ICCID disclosure — the short version is that (thanks to a bad decision by the US cell companies, not just AT&T) ICCIDs can be trivially converted to IMSIs, and the disclosure of IMSIs leads to some very severe consequences, such as name and phone number disclosure, global tower-level tracking, and making live interception a whole lot easier. My recommendation? AT&T has 114,000 SIM cards to replace and some nasty architectural problems to fix." Reader tsamsoniw adds that AT&T has criticized the security group responsible for pointing out the flaw, while the group claims they did it 'as a service to our nation.'

Submission + - Michael Jackson passed away.

StackedCrooked writes: "Superstar Michael Jackson has reportedly died, according to media reports including the Los Angeles Times newspaper. Earlier, sources familiar with Jackson's condition told CNN he was taken to a L.A.-area hospital and was in a coma. Fans gathered at the hospital as reports of his death spread. Jackson's hits includes the worldwide bestseller "Thriller."

Submission + - Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest, Not Breathing (

Mr_Mirsal writes: " is reporting that Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital, reportedly for cardiac arrest. The rumor is that paramedics had to administer CPR in the ambulance.The BBC is now reporting that Michael was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home. The news made the front page of their international website. More info as the details trickle out."

Submission + - The king of POP is dead

Hamsterdan writes: LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Times is reporting pop star Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50 after being rushed to hospital in a coma. The newspaper cites city and law enforcement sources in the report. Earlier, the Times reported that the self-proclaimed "King of Pop" had been taken to hospital by paramedics, and was not breathing when they arrived.

Submission + - Cracking PINs on Bank Cards (

An anonymous reader writes: Cybercriminals have cracked the PINs used with bank cards. Although the article in unclear as to whether it is simply a HSM misconfiguration issue, or a true crack, the millions of dollars already taken are a disturbing development.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - SPAM: End-to-end NAT: Another IETF knee slapper

alphadogg writes: The IETF published its annual April Fool's joke this morning, with a phony proposal for an end-to-end network address translation scheme for the Internet. The joke is timely given that the Internet standards body last week discussed creating network address translators (NAT) for IPv6, a long anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol. IPv6 was created a decade ago to increase the availability of IP addresses and to eliminate NATs — and their complexity and cost — from the Internet infrastructure.
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Submission + - Intel threatens to revoke AMD's x86 license

theraindog writes: AMD's former manufacturing division opened for business last week as GlobalFoundries, but the spin-off may run afoul of AMD's 2001 cross-licensing agreement with Intel. Indeed, Intel has formally accused AMD of violating the agreement, and threatened to terminate the company's licenses in 60 days if a resolution is not found. Intel contends that GlobalFoundries is not a subsidiary of AMD, and thus is not covered by the licensing agreement. AMD has fired back, insisting that it has done nothing wrong, and that Intel's threat constitutes a violation of the deal. At stake is not only AMD's ability to build processors that use Intel's x86 technology, but also Intel's ability to use AMD's x86-64 tech in its CPUs.

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