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Comment Re:Stories about India are flamebait (Score 3, Informative) 222

I totally agree here. Never in India's history has India ever seeked or waged a war against another nation in the hopes of enslaving/gainign territory.
Indians have lived for over 1000 years under foreign rule and yet have managed to maintain their languages, religions, culture and lots more.
India always was a golden bird, to many people from the persians to the British.
Hence to label India poor is incorrect, especially since most of it wealth was literally stolen by the British during their 200 years rule over India, a large portion of which was done during the second world war. Many of us feel sad for the holocaust during the WW II. The british have openly condemned this act. However, what they very comfortably manage to ignore is the fact that due to the "stealing" of money from India, over 3.5 million indians died due to starvation between 1942-1943. Some Indian historians have called this the hidden holocaust. Hence, before praising the allied efforts in the war, we might want to check all the history related to war, invloving countries which werent directly related to it.

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