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Comment Re:Actually, Microsoft. (Score 1) 293

i have sync too. it seemed like a cool idea at the time, and since it was already installed in the car i wanted (any idea how hard it is to find manual transmissions anymore?) i didn't mind getting it. it's been a mixed blessing at best. things that seem hard, like voice recognition, work really well. things that seem easy, like sensing whether my iphone is hooked up to usb or playing music and having sound come out, are very spotty. given a choice i wouldn't get sync again.

Comment same as working on client site (Score 1) 275

well, almost... i think i've seen my boss three times over the last two years, and i write my own annual evaluation because nobody else knows what i'm doing. my connection to the corporate mothership is negligible, so i avoid the inevitable office politics (and attendant promotion opportunities - alas!). as long as the client keeps paying the bills, corporate is reasonably happy to leave me alone.

Comment ultimately, printed on paper is your only solution (Score 1) 499

there are plenty of ways to store picture files online, or tape or disk. gmail promises to never delete anything, right? email them to yourself. but those files are only useful if there are applications that can use them. chances are that common data formats of today like jpg will be around for a long time, but there's no telling what direction technology will go in the future. have you tried to open a microsoft word 1 document lately? who can count how many dead file formats are out there. whatever format your pics are in today, chances are that 30 years down the road it'll have been replace by something newer and better, and if you didn't convert all those pics from the old format to the new one when you could then having the obsolete binary files won't matter. though maybe your pocket hal 9000 will convert them for you if you ask it nicely. maybe some formats have become "too big to fail" by now - mp3, jpg, pdf - but i still store all my "absolutely can't lose" stuff in ascii text or printed on paper and stuffed in a drawer. fifty years from now what's going to be your great grandchildren's equivalent of finding a stack of old photos in the attic?

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