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Comment Re:New boss - same as the old boss (Score 1) 79

"The little ones will be dependent on the tolerance of the big ones to get their content seen." Absolutely. This is the likely future of content. My original post was directed to an analogy between the old paper publishing houses (the gatekeepers, once known as the Big Six) and the devolution of the internet. Who will the new gatekeepers be (or already are)? The list is short: Google, Amazon, Trashrags, Inc - and now (Facebook).

Comment Re:A very grave collapse that can't be stopped. (Score 1) 465

The paper is not a very big deal, but unsold inventory is a huge deal. The way publishing works is that the bookstores put their stuff physically on the shelves only when there's an agreement to buy back everything that doesn't sell at a whopping fifty percent discount. That's most of the waste in the system. Book paper is pretty cheap (I can run my 300 page novel in 5,000 volume batches at about a buck, U.S. )

Comment Re:Price driven... (Score 1) 465

A solution might be to "stream" books over the web, rather than distribute them as files. I guess you'd still have the authorization hassles. The files are a problem. Publishers figure the files are way too easy to redistribute, and so they just add some cushion to the price to cover lost sales. But, it seems like I see more 99 cent offerings than $9.99 ones. I'm not sure where you're shopping. DRM is declining, because it severely restricts device compatibility.

Comment Re:Nostalgia (Score 1) 465

"Formatting in physical books tends to be far better..." Yes, I can attest to that statement! It's entirely a nightmare to do the formatting, when producing ebooks. I've written one particular ebook that I would put in the nightmare category, as it was overflowing with diagrams, and almost impossible to do in kindle. The epub variant didn't do too badly, but still was not optimal...

Comment Re:I don't know (Score 1) 465

"So, give me the paper book that I can buy without telling what I had for breakfast and how my mother's milk tasted." -- Don't forget to add "your favorite underwear color" to the authorization requirements! Yes - I prefer the paperback, like you. It's very anonymous, especially if paying with cash. In terms of lending books, Amazon now offers some titles with "lending" authorization.

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