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Comment Re:May have missed ? (Score 1) 265

May have missed ? I'm fairly certain it definitely missed.

Nope - it didn't miss. I was the only survivor as I happened to be exploring some very deep natural caverns at the time.

You are all just figments of my imagination.

If we are then I'd like for you to imagine me having Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts as girlfriends and be fabulously wealthy and handsome. Either that or I could really go for a donut.

Comment Re:Security FAIL (Score 1) 220

If they can take something out without getting caught, they could be putting something in. Who would bother with suicide bombs if they can slip it into the luggage?

You know, it occues to one that perhaps there should be strip searches and close patdowns of the TSA employees. Perhaps colonoscopies? With terrorists smuggling bombs inside their bellies, who KNOWS what a rogue TSA agent might hide up there. A thorough search is required to keep our nations safe. You agree, of course.

Comment Contrary opinion... (Score 1) 331

It seems to me this is entirely backwards to where you want to go. You want to give your sales staff the cachet that your IT people have, so you want to turn your IT people into salespeople when what you should be really doing is making the salespeople more like the IT guys. It's like trying to make firemen into lawyers. Sure you can, but why in the hell would you want to?

Comment Re:The situation is much more complicated than tha (Score 0) 364

This argument is bogus imo. If the ISPs can deliver 10Mbps speeds with caps, they can deliver it without too. The amount downloaded is an independent variable from the speed it's downloaded. Your argument is like saying you can drive your car at 60kph only if you only drive within 10km of your home, but any farther and you can only drive that speed at night.

Input Devices

Microsoft Kinect With World of Warcraft 80

An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies have developed software that enables control of PC video games using the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Their toolkit, known as the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), emulates custom-configured keyboard controls triggered by body posture and specific gestures. This video shows a user playing the online game World of Warcraft using the Kinect. Potential applications of this technology include video games for motor rehabilitation after stroke and reducing childhood obesity through healthy gaming."

Comment Old at 40... (Score 1) 543

Here's a nickel, sonny. Go buy yourself a real computer...

I feel bad for these youngsters! They'll never get to experience the joys of COBOL on a mainframe, never know the bliss of starting simultaneous INGRES queries and then going outside to play football while the Vax thrashes. They'll never feel the warmth given off by a line printer spewing 2000 pages of log files you accidentally printed. Woe to them!

I weep.

Comment Re:It seems (Score 1) 318

I think there will be two SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

Hi, my name is Mr. Fibbldywidget and.... I killed Hogger! /sob.

At first it was just for a quest.He was tough, but it was a fair fight.

Then I levelled to 80.

And I killed him again. and Again... Hundreds of times! I couldn't stop myself! It had become fun!

Next week I'm going into Westfall. I heard about a guy in a ship in the Deadmines...

Comment Re:Why not the PS3? (Score 3, Informative) 101

Because "Dr. Scarle's work history included gaming industry experience as a software engineer at a company associated with Microsoft Games Studio."

ie he's had experience in programming for the platform, was likely used to using Visual Studio with XNA and likely had all the tools he needed to program for the 360 already.

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