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Comment Journalists *should* get shot more often (Score 0) 227

Terrorists are those people who sow fear. Question is: if a terrorist is a fearmonger, who's enabling them? Media. It almost looks like a knee-jerk reaction. B.l.o.o.d.... and in come the vultures, feasting on the prospect of even more misery. I think it's kinda simple. If a goverment actually claims it will not negotiate with terrorists, WHY THE HELL DO WE GIVE THOSE TERRORISTS A PLATFORM TO PERFORM ON?? Blow up as many as you like, but if it isn't relayed to cnn or fox or whatever media-whore, it didn't happen. Sad but true. Media should reform or die. Journalists the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Comment Re:Nerds rejoice? (Score 2, Interesting) 394

Yes, it was meant to overstate the argument. Let me try and rephrase. If robots are indistinguishable from people, the ethics of people would automatically apply to the robots. So if you want to have such a sex toy I would call it prostitution on a industrial scale. the fact that the robot is a robot and not an actual human has become so extremely vague it's almost meaningless, wouldn't you say? Even some big red mark saying 'robot' on its forehead wouldn't help much. I just find it amusing to think about the ethical changes society has to go through :)
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Comment Re:Nerds rejoice? (Score 3, Interesting) 394

That would raise the question 'Should this be considered prostitution', wouldn't it? and IMHO it should. If you gave Jude Law money for having sex w/ him (I assume that's what those women would use him for...) that *would* be considered prostitution. and if robots look that close to humans you can't tell the difference, ethics become extremely vague. Consider a rape: the accused could always claim he thought she/he was a robot... If you like japanese animations, check out Vexille an (imho) excellent example of how robotica and related ethics could evolve.
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Submission + - Ray tracing for gaming explored ( 3

Vigile writes: "Ray tracing is still thought of as the 'holy grail' for real-time imagery but because of the intense amount of calculations required it has been plagued with long frame render times. This might soon change, at least according to an article from Daniel Pohl, a researcher at Intel. With upcoming many-core processors like Intel's Larrabee he believes that real-time ray tracing for games is much closer than originally thought thanks in large part to the efficiency it allows with spatial partitioning and reflections when compared to current rasterization techniques. Titles like Valve's Portal are analyzed to see how they could benefit from ray tracing technology and the article on PC Perspective concludes with the difficulties combing the two rendering techniques as well as a video of the technology in action."

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