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Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 324

Listen to what you are saying. A video games developer shouldn't think about whether or not their game is fun? And for the record, PC game developers DO spend a lot of time trying to ensure that the game is 'fun' between two PCs, hence the popularity of anti-cheating software. Shadowrun may be a case study of a bungled job, but there's no point in going to all the trouble of developing a game mode which no one will play because it sucks.

Comment Re:My favorite line from Futurama... (Score 1) 150

I love that line too, but the pedant in me is compelled to ruin it. Certainly a ship that was intended for deliveries to other planets would have been designed with the atmospheres of other planets in mind, which are potentially much more pressurized than that of Earth (consider for instance the high-gravity planet where Zapp broke the hover dolly with a load of pillows). Of course, Farnsworth is old and senile...

Comment 'highly advanced' lulz (Score 1) 582

My masochistic nature forced me to play all the way through that game despite it being insanely repetitive.

I have no idea what this guy is talking about when he says Elika has an advanced AI. She follows you around when you walk. Sometimes, she'll get out of your way if you backtrack. When you are doing acrobatics, she follows you step-for-step. Then, when you fall, there's a cutscene where she catches you. Also, when you reach certain points in the level, she has dialogue. That's it. I would be rather surprised if a Super NES lacked the computational power to move her around.

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