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Comment Re: Seen the e-Golf? (Score 1) 395

Where do you live ?
For those monthly 300 to 500 mile trips I can rent a car from Enterprise for $14/day. Even if I pick it late the worst is $25/day.

I would sure rather pay $25/day 12 times a year and only spend $800 a year on the electrical costs of a Leaf ( EPA estimate ) the rest of the year.

Find an online interest calculator and pretend to invest the savings from an electric car compared to an average gas car for 20 years; it can be the cost of a college tuition or 1/2 the price of my house when it was new. Don't forget that money spent is after tax - you really had to earn more then what you spent.

Now don't electric car(s) deserve a second look ?

Comment Re: Seen the e-Golf? (Score 1) 395

One of the clever things about electric cars - and some new gas cars - is they shut down their engines when you are just sitting. With an electric car if you are not moving forward you are not using battery - with some small ( radio, lights, heater ) drain.

With an electric car ... if your range is 90 Km ... it pretty much means you will drive 90 Km not like a car that can just sit and idle and use up fuel.

Comment Re:They WILL FIght Back (Score 1) 516

39 years ago I wrote my 9th grade science paper on nuclear power - I was a fan of it then and still am.
39 years since I wrote that paper the safe disposal of nuclear operations leftovers has not been resolved.

Your posting suggests that 9000 acres were destroyed , rather it looks like 100 feet per pole diameter maximum -big deal ... hows that road(s) you are driving on ?

Nuclear is unable to safely store or guarantee safe operations 39 years ago, today or any time in the near future.

I'd rather have a wind farm failure than a nuclear plant failure any day of the week.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 1) 182

That is a read only version of a conference - you are losing the potential "write" aspect or the ability to actually ask questions, get your designs vetted, hear others standing in the same general area who have done it before with/without success - you always want to go up after the sessions and listen to the folks from audience. You think you invented whatever you are wanting to do first - nope. Thats sometimes the most valuable parts and its not in the pdfs.

A conference every year from same vendor ? Maybe not,
A conference every other year ? Perhaps more likely especially if there are changes in your field that your company is impacted by.

Comment Re:And the Mac Pro is now lagging again. (Score 1) 173

I am typing this on a 2013 Retina 2.7 w/16Gb.
I did not entirely buy it for the more or less 3% price difference with an HP/Dell.
I bought it because of everything else it does better and being more integrated than a Windows 7 / Windows 8.x laptop and the 5 to 7 hour battery life.
Your belief that a Pro is too expensive is not accurate when you compare the 512Gb SSD, 16Gb ram, 802.11 ac, 2 * 10Gb Thunderbolt ports to any other ( who else makes a comparable device ? ) vendors platforms.
I am a network engineer with multiple 10G network core and edge environments, please tell me who else makes a laptop that I can attach 2 10Gb adapters and do data capture at wire speed ?
      And I want 2K+ graphics on my desktop monitor while at the same time having retina level quality on my laptop.
any one ?
No, I couldn't find one either. Pseudo comparable HP Z series laptops have spinning disk, 4 Gb ram, single 1Gb NIC and run $2800. Adding Retina level display to an HP costs $600 and a 512Gb SSD is not even an option - the largest HP SSD is 256Gb.

Formula F1 cars may be expensive, but for the people who know how to use them correctly - they are worth every penny.

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