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Comment Certified articles? (Score 5, Interesting) 161

There's the notion that the information on wikipedia can be editted for anyone, and referencing wikipedia sometimes brings a smile.

I always wondered why Wikipedia does not ask known experts for article certification. For example, you as the co-founder of wikipedia could certify that a section of the wikipedia wiki article (or the entire wiki article for wikipedia) was correct. Maybe you could even pay in some cases.

Has this ever been considered, or do you have any other ideas on how to get wikipedia to be received as a irrefutable source of information?

Comment Re:Who's going to administer that? (Score 2, Informative) 151

According to the article:

"Each server system will need a systems administrator, who will be the point of contact for any technical issues, and who will be able to change and manage the programs to meet the needs of his or her customers in the building.

People interested in becoming a systems administrator will be able to do their training online and, once they have been certified, receive a license from the government that will enable them to get a bank loan for equipment and installation."

Comment It's not the software, it's the hardware (Score 5, Insightful) 399

Developers have no problems hacking their favorite environment, linux, windows, whatever. It's the hardware that counts. Personally I'd like a development laptop that would be:
  • - Very high resolution
  • - 4:3 format
  • - mate screen, enough of that bright crap
  • - Powerfull CPU and RAM
  • - No internal DVD drive, swap that for an additional HD or Battery
  • - present that in several options, from 12 to 17 inch. Developers do travel sometimes, and they love to take their gear with them.
  • - a very good keyboard, with decent feedback. IBM M-Type would be great
  • - Button to disable trackpad.
  • - A good docking station to hook up external monitors, keyboard+mouse, etc.
  • - Easily removable everything, battery, ram, HD, etc.

Do that and I buy one.

Comment Re:cheese with cheese (Score 1) 317

And why exactly a predictable film can't be great?

I quite agree that it doesn't deserve so many awards, and for me it's a 7/10 (didn't like how they switched from explaining how he knew the answers to the love story), but your points are highly debatable. Good acting doesn't make a good film (see Doubt), neither any of the other components in separate, it's the sum of all parts that makes it, and they don't have to be all good. It helps, but it's not mandatory.

Oscar awards are an expression of how the academy sees film, not public in general. I follow oscar awards for quite some time, and the main reason is too see films that I otherwise would ignore.

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