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Submission + - Vista developers forgot where the drivers are

Frustrated developer writes: "In a hurry to get Vista released it looks like the developers forgot to search the system folders while looking for device drivers. As a result many Vista users are left with USB mass storage devices, cameras etc. that used to work perfectly on Win XP but Vista cannot find any drivers for them. The drivers are all there of course, you just need to explicitly tell Vista to look in the damn windows\system32 folder!! From 058238"

Submission + - Can we stop illegal sharing without DRM?

hrensgory writes: "It's clear that the DRM is more a plague than a solution. However, illegal copying of digital content is also a real problem. Other day I was thinking about if there are some ways of decreasing initiative of illegal sharing, without hindering any legal use of digital content. As result, I've put some of my thought in this blog post:,guid,55481ae 6-1850-46e4-a9cb-8a72e6ea4ecf.aspx. May be it is a naïve or stupid idea... but I just thought that it could also be something interesting in there."

Submission + - UbuntuStudio: interview with the project manager

extremecs writes: "I've known about, written about and even participated in the Ubuntu Studio project (in a limited capacity) in the past but had pretty much given it up as a project with good ideas but still a long way from any sort of maturity or release as a "distro" in it's own right... until I crossed a link on quite recently. It seems that the project has found new momentum with new leadership and I thought I would take a closer look for myself.

After hanging around in the project's IRC channel for a bit I got to chat with "_MMA_", short for "MetalMusicAddict" (his handle on the ubuntu forums), who it turns out is Ubuntu Studio's Project Manager! Traffic in the IRC was quite high as Slashdot and and Boing Boing also decided to carry the story as well but I did get Cory Kontros, also known as _MMA_, to take a bit of time with me for a quick interview on the status of this upcoming project: dio-an-interview-with-project-manager-cory-kontros /#more-145"

Submission + - Genitalia Now Inappropirate in 7th Grade Health

firemoose writes: A 7th grade health class teacher has been transferred to administrative duties and may be fired for having his students draw male genitalia on a chalk board in class. The district superintendent took action after receiving complaints from parents. He has labeled the teacher's actions as "insensitive" and inappropriate for the mixed-sex students of the 7th grade class. The article quotes a parent and a teacher who believe that the school board may be overreacting, but is only able to cite a 4th grade student who found the idea of genitalia in class offensive.

Submission + - Tax Takers Send in the Web Spiders

Juha-Matti Laurio writes: "A five-nation tax enforcement cartel has been quietly cracking down on suspected internet tax cheats, using a sophisticated web crawling program to monitor transactions on auction sites, and track operators of online shops, poker and porn sites. Countries including Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada and The Netherlands have started the project 'Xenon' with the assistance of Amsterdam-based data mining company. Technology used since 2004 uses so-called slow search to prevent the crawler from creating excessive traffic on a website, or drawing attention in the sites' server logs, reports Wired News."

Submission + - Multi-touch: the future of GUIs?

malbrech writes: "Multi-touch, the wonder piece of Apple's iPhone may have a much larger future. An article in describes how the genious behind Multi-touch, Jeff Han, developed the technology for large screens and gives a glimpse into the amazing potential born by the touch paradigm. There is also a fantastic video showing the use of multi-touch in various applications. Yes, reminiscences of AI become alive."

Submission + - Windows Vista: How Bad Is It?

Jason McMaster writes: "Giga Gamez sat down and talked with Developer Brad Wardell (who made Galactic Civilizations I and II as well as a lot of Windows tools) about gaming in Windows Vista. Wardell discusses the Games for Windows Program, DirectX 10 and the Games Explorer.

"When you get Windows Vista you're going to need to update your video drivers right away. If you're a gamer, there's no question about it. It's not a matter of "I'll get around to it." No, if you plan to game you'll have to update immediately. If you don't then your games are GOING to crash.""

Submission + - Why is DRM bad?

Tapd260 writes: There are a lot of comments on this website that say DRM is bad. Don't get me wrong, I support free software and oppose Microsoft's monopoly, but if the music industry wants to protect their copyrights, why shouldn't they? You can still play the music; isn't that the very reason to buy a CD?

Submission + - Wii Modchip Announced

deadmantyping writes: The first modchip for the Wii, dubbed "WiiNinja", allowing the playing of backups has been announced. This comes shortly after the announcement of a method to backup Wii games. Photos of the modchip and videos of it in action were also made available by the developers. Installation requires dismantling the Wii (of course) and soldering 5 wires to the Wii's motherboard. The WiiNinja modchip will be available soon for purchase according to the developers.
Linux Business

Submission + - ODSL:Desktop Linux 2006:The Year in Review

derrida writes: "The OSDL's Desktop Linux Working Group has published its first year-end report []on the state of the overall desktop Linux ecosystem. The report provides insight into the year's key accomplishments in terms of functionality, standards, applications, distributions, market penetration, and more. Of great interest is the Market Growth part. Copying from there: "Most observers believe that much of the growth will take place outside of the United States.""

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